Learn the ins and outs of Big Data with the help of these eBooks and video classes

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In case you thought Big Data was only being used by major corporations to spot buying patterns or to figure out which color pashmina customers are most likely to purchase, then you’re selling Big Data short.

The impact of data analytics and the process of excavating key insights from vast mountains of raw data is driving major efforts to answer global problems including health care and climate change.

As you’d expect with anything this wide-ranging, there’s a lot to understand to get a true handle on how Big Data works and its overall impact. The training in The Complete Big Data eBook and Video Course Bundle can go a long way toward giving any learner the background to grasp data analytics and use them effectively in your projects.

This collection brings together five courses and five ebooks that explore the elements that drive Big Data as well as the primary tools to show how data scientists extrapolate meaning from all that seemingly disjointed chaos.

It all starts with basics—- and the five ebooks featured here serve up all the elementary knowledge anyone new to data analysis needs to understand. Books like Practical Big Data Analytics lay the groundwork, bridging the gap between the theoretical world of technology and the practical realities of building Big Data and data science platforms. 

Of course, none of that happens without knowing which tools to use, so books like Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics, Big Data Analytics with SAS, and Big Data Analytics with Hadoop 3 examine how various widely-used platforms and software make all that data manageable, working together or separately to help anyone solve their business problems by making better decisions faster. 

The coursework also features five video courses covering over 23 hours worth of material, once again looking at specific Big Data processes and tools. With a critical emphasis on helping understand vital apps like Hadoop, Flume, Sqoop, Hive and Apache Spark, this training also features a heavy focus on Apache Kafka, an open-source streaming platform used by thousands of companies for performing high-volume data analysis in real-time.

This training is a perfect primer for anyone looking to understand how data shapes business decisions and can put you in a position to benefit professionally. 

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