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Ever since computers were invented, there has been an exponential growth in their ability and potential to perform various tasks. In order to use computers across diverse working domains, humans have developed computer systems while increasing their speed, and reducing size with respect to time.

Artificial Intelligence pursues the stream of developing the computers or machines to be as intelligent as humans themselves. In this article we will scrape the top layer about the concepts of artificial intelligence that will help understand related concepts like Artificial Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Genetic algorithms etc. Along with this, we will also learn about its implementation in Python.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

As we have already read above, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to seemingly think like humans or take decisions on their own. AI is demonstrated when a task, that was formerly performed by a person and which required the ability to learn, reason and solve problems, can be done by a machine. This can be explained with a prime example of an autonomous vehicle. The vehicle can gather information about its surroundings and make appropriate decisions in order to safely reach its destination without any human intervention. Combining technologies along with Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are resulting in a fast growth of AI. Machines communicate with one another and are now capable of perception at a very high level, being able to capture millions of data points in seconds and capable of processing the information and making decisions, all in a matter of seconds is a reality today. With AI evolving constantly, machines will have more capability to act physically relying on their intelligence. This will eventually lead to better machines that can build improved versions of themselves.

What Courses to choose in Artificial Intelligence

In order to master the field of Artificial Intelligence (ai systems) and machine learning algorithms one has to understand computer science, natural language processing, python code, math, psychology, neuroscience, data science, machine learning and many other fields. Start with an introductory course in AI that will give you an overview of the field. The course will update you on the AI research and developments to date. Apart from this, you can also avail hands-on experience with the AI programming of intelligent agents like search algorithms, games and logic problems. Once you’ve done this, you will learn about examples of AI applications today like self-driving cars, facial recognition systems, military drones and natural language processors.

For those who are willing to venture further, the courses in Data Science, Robotics and Machine Intelligence course  will prove to be helpful. Start with learning the fundamentals of robotics and how robots operate, including representation of 2D and 3D spatial relationships, manipulation of robotic arms and end to end planning of AI robot systems. In Machine learning, you can explore unsupervised learning techniques related to data modeling and analysis inclusive of data clustering, computer vision, reinforcement learning, problem solving, machine learning algorithms, image recognition, data mining, speech recognition matrix factorization and sequential models for order-dependent data,etc.

If you are just building up interest, we would highly recommend you to start with Artificial Technology and get an overview of this emerging field of technology. In case you are unfamiliar with basic computer science and programming, it will help to consider learning Python, R or other programming languages which are commonly used in data analysis.

Jobs in AI

In today’s world, careers in artificial intelligence (AI) are growing at an exponential rate in order to meet the demands of industries that are transforming digitally. The truth is, there are plenty of jobs in artificial intelligence, however there’s a shortage of technical talent who have the necessary skills.

As per the job site Indeed, the demand for AI skills has doubled in the last three years, with a significant hike in the number of job postings by 119 percent. However, it also showed that the number of peAople applying for this job segment has declined . If you are planning to invest your time in mastering this field, we would say this is the best time to start.

The field of machine learning and artificial intelligence requires experience with multiple programming languages including Java, C, Python Training , R, JavaScript and SQL and experience in data science serves as a big plus. Some of the top job positions out there in the industry include Artificial Intelligence Engineer, AI Project Manager, Researcher and Artificial Intelligence Consultant with top companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and IBM constantly scouting for talent.

Explore a Career in Artificial Intelligence

If you are eager to build an exciting career and pave your path in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence course, there are a lot of sectors that will be happy to welcome you. Industries like digital marketing and social media are adopting deep learning methods to improve their business decisions and scale their business applications. If you have the passion, interest or experience in the field of computer science and mathematics then training courses for data analysis, python programming, linear regression, and more. Enroll and begin your learning about applications of artificial neural networks and how to use them across a diverse industry segment.

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