CryptoCaptain Navigates Investors Through the Market With AI and Data Mining

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While a single analyst usually only has a limited set of data available, which he usually evaluates by means of chart analysis, users of CryptoCaptain get access to a comprehensive evaluation of the overall market based on proprietary data mining algorithms and AI.

CryptoCaptain’s predictive analytics not only includes the assessments and forecasts of all relevant top analysts, but also captures the mood of market participants as well as current news. The method proves to be clearly superior to traditional forms of market analysis – especially in the crypto markets.

Taming the market’s high volatility
The price development of Bitcoin, but also of other cryptocurrencies, is characterized by large price peaks and high volatility. High volatility makes the crypto market incredibly interesting because it opens up profit potentials that would be unthinkable in other markets.

At the same time, however, volatility also harbors a high risk, because price swings in the wrong direction present challenges even for professionals.

With the help of CryptoCaptain, the big swings of bull and bear markets can be predicted well. CryptoCaptain guides long-term investors in particular as to when they should buy or sell Bitcoin & Co. Thus, drawdowns can be successfully avoided and market opportunities can be turned into profits more often. Eventually, traders also benefit by using the market sentiment of CryptoCaptain as an overlay for their own strategies to produce fewer bad trades.

Scientific grounding
In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by crypto markets, the timing with which you enter the market is of crucial importance. In the course of many years of research, the market sentiment in crypto markets has proven to be twice as effective for this purpose as chart analysis.

Dr. Achim Klein, a co-founder of CryptoCaptain, has a doctorate in business information systems and has made it his business to extract valuable knowledge from large amounts of data. CryptoCaptain is benefited from his more than 10 years of experience in various university research projects in the field of smart data and predictive analytics.

Users of CryptoCaptain now have access to a service that has been refined over the years on the basis of scientifically sound findings and which clearly stands out from other solutions on the market. By using a unique combination of proprietary algorithms with the help of artificial intelligence and data mining, a real-time analysis of the crypto market is carried out, giving users a considerable advantage.

CryptoCaptain navigates investors comfortably and with little effort
CryptoCaptain provides its users with far-sighted signals. Investing becomes more comfortable due to a longer investment horizon with fewer trades and therefore less stress and lower costs.

CryptoCaptain offers a barometer for market sentiment in an online dashboard. Furthermore, it provides the Bull Market Compass, which provides investment signals, making it easier to decide when to invest into the crypto market. Users receive signals conveniently by e-mail. The Bull Market Compass sends signals a few times per year, thus requiring only little effort by users.

About CryptoCaptain
CryptoCaptain wants to help all those interested in crypto to profit from the financial revolution emanating from Bitcoin & Co.

CryptoCaptain was developed at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany, on the basis of years of research and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the “EXIST-Gründerstipendium”. As part of the BLOCKROCKET European Research Labs, CryptoCaptain sees itself in line with other up-and-coming start-ups that could become the next unicorn.

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