Design by computers: How AI is changing the graphic design industry

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There is no denying that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest technologies of the current generation. It holds tremendous potential in domains like healthcare, education, manufacturing, etc.

However, to everyone’s surprise, AI has also found an application in the creative arena. For instance, mobile app developers are using AI to design a better mobile app user experience.

There is also a wide range of graphic design software that leverage AI for creating complex designs. So, are we on the verge of AI revolution in the design space?

The rise of AI in graphics design

AI has matured a lot today. The biggest achievement of technology can be seen in logo designing. After all, it was a perfect match since the beginning.

Take Tailor Brands, for example. It’s a highly advanced AI-based logo designer that can produce attractive and unique logos for entrepreneurs. Sure, it can’t match the work of human designers but it’s fast, affordable, and offers tons of customizable features.

Most importantly, it can mimic a human designer by understanding your design requirements.

A few years ago, a software application that can process human requirements for a graphics design like a logo was simply unheard of. This is because it was something that’s usually reserved for human’s emotional intelligence.

There are many examples of tech giants also using artificial intelligence. For instance, Adobe’s new AI tool Sensei uses machine learning to make it easier for you to create the perfect customer experiences through visual assets.

It can work as your assistant when you do creative work and help you achieve photorealistic effects, find the right content with an intuitive search, and more.

These examples show that AI has not just forayed into digital design space but rather become an indispensable component to give a new direction to the industry.

This brings us to another important question:

Can AI replace designers?

AI tools are all the rage today. However, the good news is that graphic designers needn’t fear them. This is because at least at this stage, AI can only serve to make graphic design easier.

AI tools can limit the legwork for graphics designers and perform repetitive tasks for them so that they can focus on the bigger picture. In other words, AI is not going to replace designers but merely work as their assistants. At least that’s what we can surmise for now.

This is because there are some major limitations of AI today:

1) Understanding nuances that come naturally to humans

AI has come a long way today, but it’s far from being even comparable to human intelligence. This is because we humans have emotional intelligence which AI doesn’t have.

We are capable of understanding body language, the subtle changes in voice and tone, and the messages we get when we read between the lines. This understanding of common nuances is absent in AI.

So, it can be difficult to make an AI software understand what we really want it to do when there are subtleties in the design.

Occasionally, it can happen that you lay down the requirements for a simple website interface or app design that has a certain connotation, but the AI program you are using interprets it differently.

2) Originality

What makes us humans special is our ability to imagine. So many geniuses who walked on the face of the Earth created music, paintings, and poems that are simply out of the world and can’t be replicated. AI doesn’t have that kind of capacity- it can’t imagine.

3) Human touch

We know that ecommerce has exploded today. However, many people still prefer shopping from local stores.

This is because they get a personalized experience by shopping offline- the friendly store owner can understand their requirements and give recommendations in a way that can’t be matched by an online service.

The same principle can be seen in graphics design. There are many entrepreneurs who want a human touch, a human being who can listen to their problems and create designs that aptly meet their needs.

Bottom line of AI and graphic design

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology and there is no dearth of its merits. It’s disrupted many industries and we can see more achievements in the time to come as the technology becomes closer to human intelligence.

That said, AI is still pretty much dependent on us and requires inputs from graphics designers to do most of the tasks. So, for now, AI has simplified graphics design to a great extent, at least for people who don’t have a design background.

However, to tap into its full potential, we need to wait a little longer.

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