Google Assistant Rolls Out ‘Read It’ Feature To Read The Entire Web Page For Android Users

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Google Assistant has introduced a new Read It feature which makes long reads much easier. The feature will especially come handy for those who may have difficulty seeing or reading texts on a small screen and lean towards listening to podcasts.

Google is beginning to roll out the Read It feature starting this month and the company says that the feature will help users listen to long web pages with the help of Google Assistant. This means that users will be able to instruct the AI-powered virtual assistant to read out a 2000-word article to you while you are busy with your work or any other activity.

Here’s how you can enable this feature on Android phones

Follow these simple steps to access the Read It feature on your device:

Step 1: Download Google Assistant from the Play Store if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Once you launch the app, simply utter these four words – “Google Assistant, Read It.” once on a webpage.

As you instruct Google Assistant to read the particular page, the app will start reading it out.

Google Assistant also highlights the text and auto scrolls the page once it starts reading the text, helping users understand how far along they have come within that web page.

The new Read It feature will support 42 languages

The Read It feature will also prove to be quite beneficial for those who do not follow a certain language on web pages and even people suffering from any kind of visual impairment. This is especially because Google Assistant will also allow users with the ability to translate web pages into 42 different languages. It is also worth mentioning that out of the 42 language options, 11 are Indian languages, although the Read It feature only supports English, as of now, and support for other languages will soon be enabled by the company.

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