Hot skills and top jobs in IT

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AI,ML,Data Sciences, Cloud Architects are few of that the jobs that are hot right now.

Software services and technology companies are cutting the flab in middle management but they are also hiring, in the thousands, for specific skills.

The IT sector, which employs more than 4 million people, is expected to add 2.2 lakh employees over the next four year, according to staffing services provider Teamlease. Another 5.6 lakh jobs are estimated to be created by e-commerce and tech startups.

Swathi Moorthy tells us about the hot skills employers are looking for and how paying they are.

  1. Data sciences/artificial intelligence/machine learning
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This is the obvious one. AI/ML/data sciences professionals are one of the most wanted and highly paid across industries. AI, ML and data sciences are not programming languages but concepts that use logic and analysis to generate critical insights from data.

These skills are in great demand in consumer-facing firms in the retail and healthcare sectors.

“I would not be surprised if firms are willing to pay a premium,” said Guruprasad Srinivasan, Chief Operating Officer for India at Quess Corp, a Bengaluru-based staffing firm. “There is not much of supply.”

What is the pay like?

A beginner can get a guaranteed salary of Rs 8-10 lakh per annum and in a couple of years can step it up to Rs 16 lakh. A data scientist with five to six years of experience can get Rs 30 lakh annually but firms are willing to pay 20-30 percent premium.

Geeta M*, a data scientist with six years of experience, was recently hired by a startup for Rs 46 lakh plus stock options.

  1. Certified cloud architects for platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

By 2022 internet networks in India are estimated to carry about 646 petabytes (one million gigabytes of data per day), 490 percent more than in 2017. This growth is in part driven by rising consumption of internet services such as online shopping and mobile phone apps. India is likely to have 630 million internet users by the end of 2019.

On the enterprise side, both IT and non-IT firms are now migrating to the cloud to cut costs and improve efficiency. Most startups are cloud-native in India and are one of the fast-growing cloud consumers.

With the draft data protection and privacy bill likely to be tabled in Parliament, firms will need to invest to store data locally.

According to BS Rao, Vice President–Marketing, CtrlS, a data centre provider, all these are driving data centre growth from current 10 million square feet to 50 million by 2035.

This means that there will be a growing need for cloud architects to manage cloud services.

What is the pay like?

Starting pay is Rs 4-5 lakh per annum, with increases of up to 30 percent every year. Five years of experience can earn Rs 15 lakh or more. For an employee with 12 years of experience, the salary can top Rs 25 lakh.

  1. Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is someone who can handle both the frontend, which involves the user or the business, and the backend, essentially the technical part.

So, a full-stack developer should be knowledgeable in languages such as Python and Java (backend) and HTML and Javascript (for frontend), MySql or other databases languages and server technology. In addition, they should also possess project management skills.

What is the pay like?

Newbies can ask for a package of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh. Supaul Chanda, Head of Digital at Teamlease, says that with four to five years of experience, the salary may go up to Rs 13-18 lakh per annum, based on the work profile.

  1. DevOps

This is another buzzword, which is high in demand. DevOps is a software development practice, a combination of software development and IT operations. Engineers need to work in cross-functional domains, including coding, system administration and automation tools.

DevOps are a key part of digital transformation. At a time when firms are embracing cloud and moving towards automation, there is need for new models for software development lifecycle that combine both IT operations (servers, cloud and network) and businesses such as software development and testing.

What is the pay like?

New entrants can demand a package of Rs 5 lakh. A DevOps engineer with four to five years of experience can earn Rs 15 lakh per annum.

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