Human chaos also baffled artificial intelligence

16May - by aiuniverse - 0 - In Human Intelligence


A recent report on the website of the American magazine Technology Review states that algorithms that automate inventory management, fraud detection, marketing and other similar tasks in large companies, which use artificial intelligence. In response to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, human behaviour based on chaos and confusion has been disrupted. As a result, companies using these algorithms/software are also facing difficulties.

Why did this happen? The answer to this question is that the “training” of all algorithms/software using artificial intelligence is based on human behaviour and reaction under normal circumstances and under emergency conditions. Human behaviour changes drastically, which was not taken into account in the development of this software.

Artificial intelligence experts say the global coronavirus epidemic has given them the opportunity to understand this different aspect of human intelligence, which could help them create better automated software in the future.

Not only the epidemic but also the global economic crisis, even in a situation like war, the potential for human behaviour will be further enhanced by artificial intelligence software that will be able to respond correctly in all kinds of situations.

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