Iguazio Comes To Microsoft’s Azure

11Jun - by aiuniverse - 0 - In Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

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Iguazio has announced that it is bringing its operations to Microsoft-owned Azure cloud and Azure Stack on-premises platform. The Data Science platform enables data scientists to take machine-learning models from data assimilation to testing, training, and production. The company has accumulated approximately $48 million in funding until now with nearly 80 employees. The company works towards making it easier for data scientists to do their work.

Iguazio says that a lot of the work that data scientists do relates to handling integration and the management of infrastructure instead of the construction of machine learning models. In order to simplify the process, the platform is relying on open source. Henry Jerez, Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft’s Intelligent Edge Solutions Platform Group, has said that the partnership will allow them to offer other options for AI applications in the cloud for it to run on the edge. Jerez has also mentioned that this new market option will create an alternative for their customers to bring intelligence close to the data sources for applications like predictive maintenance and recommendation engines. The platform employs standard tools and API to extract data from a wide array of sources that is later stored in its real-time in-memory database. The database is compatible with data streaming along with time series data, files, and tables. It uses standard Jupyter notebooks rather than its proprietary format. Interestingly, the company has also developed an open platform for building data science pipelines. Iguazio also utilizes KubeFlow to build models, which is a machine learning toolkit for the Kubernetes container platform. Iguazio will be able to run its software in both the cloud and on-premises as Azure and Azure Stack are basically the same platform in terms of API.

A plan to introduce its solutions to Microsoft’s Azure Data Box Edge is also underway. The Data Box Edge is a hybrid cloud platform that is utilized for storing and analyzing data at the edge that can be infused with FPGAs for the deployment of machine-learning models. The Azure solutions will be included in Iguazio’s current options for the implementation of its services above AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

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