Paypal exec launches deep learning healthcare healthcare company

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A former executive from payment platform PayPal has launched a new deep learning health intelligence platform, Global Care Analytics, to provide claims-and-cost clinical data and predictive analytics for healthcare companies.

The company’s president, Scott Guilfoyle, formerly served as CTO of PayPal, as well as CIO of LendingTree, and other major companies. The move underscores the growing interest in the AI in healthcare space and the emergence of more companies leveraging AI to solve healthcare management issues.

“The CEO, COO or CFO can execute precisely targeted, complex queries on massive data sets with real-time or near-real-time responses by dragging and dropping preset queries into the engine,” Guilfoyle said of the company’s platform. “We have a patented hyper-ingestion engine that can take in a million datasets a minute, which is amazingly fast and accurate. Then our hyper-digestion process uses neural networks to analyze the oceans of data and become more and more accurate as it learns to refine its ability to make connections.”

One of the goals of the founders was to leverage healthcare data that is currently underutilized and “trapped” within organizations, according to CEO Kevin Sullivan.

“When executive management has desktop power to identify gaps in care or delivery of care services, outcome metrics, and the most complete real-time picture of the health of their patient populations, they can speed up more knowledgeable decision making,” he said.

According to Guilfoyle, the company, which plans to follow the analytics technology with Global Care Pay to provide a frictionless billing-claims-reimbursement system, could help eliminate waste in administrative duties, which add up to $147 billion to $510 billion.

The company, Global Care Administrators, is two years old and is raising capital.

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