Get started with database services in Azure

Whether you’re just getting started with app development or you have existing apps and data to migrate, Azure has a range of intelligent database services to meet your needs. To learn how to get started quickly with the popular Azure SQL Database service, take the free, online training course. Get started
Learn more about using Azure SQL Database   Explore Azure SQL Database documentation for building apps on an intelligent cloud database. Follow the quickstart on creating an Azure SQL Database – and explore pricing options. Watch a demo to see how to deploy a database in seconds with Azure SQL Database. Discover Azure SQL Managed Instance documentation for migrating your existing applications to the cloud. Find SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines documentation for migrating SQL Server workloads to the cloud. Get help migrating your data workloads to Azure from your on‑premises environment with the Azure migration guide and Azure Migrate tool – plus, learn how to plan and manage costs for Azure SQL Database.  
Explore Azure database and analytics services   Get an overview of the uses and benefits of the range of database services that are available in Azure, and explore big data and analysis services.   Learn more ❯
Learn about other Azure database services   Azure Cosmos DB: A globally distributed, multi‑model database service for NoSQL workloads. Azure Database for PostgreSQL: A powerful, open‑source, object‑relational database service. Azure Database for MySQL: A fully managed service for the popular open‑source database. Azure Database for MariaDB: An innovative and flexible open‑source database.

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