Learn how to host a web app in Azure

Build and run web apps on any platform   Learn how to quickly create and deploy web applications that meet your performance and scalability requirements with Azure App Service. Automate deployments from GitHub, Azure DevOps or any Git repository. Follow this free, step‑by‑step training to get started. Get started
Learn more about using App Service   Explore App Service documentation, including quickstart guides, tutorials, and CLI samples.  Build skills to easily deploy a website to Azure using the programming language of your choice. Learn how to configure an Azure App Service plan, including pricing and scaling. Understand how to plan and manage costs for App Service.  
  See how to run web apps with Azure App Service   Learn how to run your web applications without having to manage the infrastructure yourself – by creating and deploying with Azure App Service.   Watch the demo  
Learn about helpful tools to use with App Service   Log Analytics: Edit and run log queries from data collected and analyse their results. Azure API Management: Manage APIs across all environments with a hybrid, multicloud platform. Azure Application Gateway: Manage traffic to your web apps with a web load balancer. Azure Traffic Manager: Distribute traffic to your public‑facing apps across global regions with a DNS‑based load balancer. Azure savings plan for compute: Save up to 65 percent compared to pay‑as‑you‑go rates for select compute services.

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