Challenges and Solutions in Big Data-Based World

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Big data is now the basis for any activity in the business, government, and security sectors. However, in many cases the information streamed to law enforcement agencies and security organizations is not synchronized with other databases and is not analyzed in an optimized way due to difficulties in coping with the amount of information and with its coherent analysis. This scenario still exists and prevails today.

Databases that operate separately and do not communicate with other databases lead to a reality of partial information and difficulties in the understanding of the whole picture. In such a situation, security events and criminal activities materialize just because a piece of information was missed or wasn’t processed into clear insights.

In an era that draws from big data, its production and analysis, the major challenge lies in the fusion and integration of multiple information sources. Organizations are compelled to stream information from various systems, in different environments, in a structured and unstructured way, in multiple languages, formats, technologies, etc.

Big data analysis in the digital age is at the forefront of the current intelligence world. It is due to those challenges that analysts in all security and law enforcement systems are required to operate dozens of different systems in order to analyze and extract information, for the purpose of creating an accurate intelligence picture. This state of affairs also hampers both their instruction and their continuous work.

Technological capabilities are, therefore, demanded, in order to enable the integration of the various databases and simple analytic capabilities, for maximizing and making efficient the core operations of the security organizations in general, and the analyst’s work in particular.

Chen Vakrat Ben-Mordechai, VP Business Development of TA9 at Rayzone Group, asserts that “organizations don’t utilize more than 8% of the accessible information due to difficulties in the integration and operation of the intelligence systems.”

TA9’s IntSight System is a big data intelligence and investigation system for intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

This flexible system focuses on the ability to solve the big data integration problem. The system does not only feature the whole range of capabilities required for a security organization. It also allows the organization to independently expand its use of the system while taking advantage of their own assets and their control over budgets and timetables.

It is an intuitive system based on an application configuration, just as in a smartphone, with no need for any instruction. It enables the analysts to analyze huge amounts of information in a simple, visual manner while integrating the various sources. Moreover, the analyst can process the data independently, add new data and create new queries, and in fact manage operations and investigations in the most efficient way.

TA9 is a software house developing an analytical off-the-shelf product designed for the federal and enterprise markets. The company’s team is made of tech-savvy veterans of the Israeli intelligence community.

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