Diagenode Launches Powerful and Proprietary Data Mining Service using Machine Learning Technology

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leading global provider of solutions for epigenetics research and in vitro diagnostics, has launched the industry’s first epigenetics data mining services that uses unique algorithms and machine learning to uncover the underlying biological meaning of epigenetic data and other data types.

Next generation sequencing in combination with bioinformatics analyses of genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic studies has produced data with strong potential to establish new biomarkers for disease diagnostics. However, both the heterogeneity of individual disease phenotypes and single biomarker analyses have posed challenges to analyzing such complex data. Diagenode’s new data mining services addresses these challenges and brings data analysis to a new level by applying machine learning, statistics, and database systems to identify patterns in large data sets.

The new Diagenode services employ powerful data mining and machine-learning to build “data classifiers” that categorizes samples into classes, using multiple established algorithms. The classifiers represent the actual underlying biological differences between the classes and lead to a better understanding of the molecular processes.

“Diagenode strives to further the limits of epigenetics data analysis, and the new data mining services represents this commitment” said Jerome Kroonen, Ph.D., Global Marketing Manager at Diagenode. “We are at the forefront of machine learning approaches for epigenetics analyses, and our early access customers have already benefited from the acceleration of discovery processes through our services.”

The company has released two white papers exemplifying the power of data mining with machine learning. The first focuses on distinguishing smokers from non-smokers using DNA methylation data from previously published research by building specific classifiers. The second paper focuses on how data mining can be applied to cancer-relevant methylation data. Both white papers can be accessed using the links below.

To read more about “Data Mining on DNA Methylation in Cancer Samples” and “Powerful New Insights with Epigenetic Data Mining: A Study to Distinguish Smokers from Non-smokers Using Just One Droplet of Blood”

About Diagenode, Inc.:
Diagenode is a leading provider of complete solutions for epigenetic research. The company has developed a comprehensive approach to gain new insights into epigenetic studies, offering innovative shearing and automation instruments, reagent kits, and high quality antibodies to streamline DNA methylation, ChIP, and ChIP-seq workflows. The company’s latest innovations include a unique, full automation system, a Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) Kit providing eight times more coverage than standard technologies, ChIP-seq kits for only 10,000 cells, and the industry’s most validated antibodies.

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