IIT Madras Offers Online BSc Degree in Data Science: All You Need to Know

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IIT Madras recently announced the launch of the country’s first online BSc degree in Programming and Data Science. The programme is being offered at three levels namely: foundational, diploma, and BSc degree and has two exit options. IIT Madras says that the online offering will address the need of the data science sector, which is one of the fastest-growing sectors that is predicted to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. Furthermore, online education is a trend being rapidly embraced for high-quality education on a large scale.

Who can Apply for IIT Madras BSc Degree in Data Science?

While the programme is open to anyone from any discipline irrespective of their location in India, the following are the prerequisites for applying for the degree:

  1. The candidate must have studied Mathematics and English in class 10.
  2. They should have cleared class 12 or equivalent. This year, candidates who are going to complete class 12 will also be allowed to apply.
  3. They should be currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree Program or should have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (BA, BSc, BE, BTech, BCom, etc.) or they may have dropped out from a Bachelor’s degree.
  4. Working professionals can also take up the programme.

When to Apply for IIT Madras BSc Degree in Data Science?

The official website says that the date of the online application will be announced shortly, and the process may end tentatively by 15 September 2020. Weekly release of Term 1 qualifier course content may start from 5 October 2020. Participants will need to have access to the following to take the course:

  1. Access to a good internet connection as well as a laptop or desktop device.
  2. Learners should be able to travel to assigned exam centres for quizzes and exams, each term.

This unique online offering will be offered in three different stages – Foundational Programme, Diploma Programme and Degree Programme. At each stage, students will have the freedom to exit from the program and receive a Certificate, Diploma or a Degree, respectively, from IIT Madras.

Based on the eligibility, interested candidates will have to fill a form and pay a nominal fee of Rs. 3,000 for the qualifier exam. Learners will get access to the 4 weeks of course content of 4 subjects (Mathematics, English, Statistics and Computational Thinking). These students will go through the course lectures online, submit online assignments and write an in-person qualifier exam at the end of 4 weeks. Those who wish to know more about the course are advised to go through the official website in detail.

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