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Udacity and AWS collaborated to offer scholarships called AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program for data science enthusiasts who want to upskill. The scholarship has two phases and is open for aspirants above 18 years of age. The enrollment for the course will be opened from May 19 till July 31. Besides, the scholarship is divided into two phases: foundational and a full scholarship for a Udacity Nanodegree program.

In the first phase, students will have to take the AWS Machine Learning foundational course, where you will learn best practices of object-oriented programming and get familiar with AWS services such as DeepLens, DeepRacer and DeepComposer. As per Udacity’s recommendation, one will have to dedicate 5 to 10 hours a week, at least, to complete phase one and get into the 2nd phase. However, only 325 seats are available for the second phase. Consequently, you will have to not only focus on completing the foundational course but also involve in other activities that Udacity evaluates on to select learners for the second phase. These metrics are usually provided through announcements during the first phase on its Slack workspace, which is specially created for the scholarship.

On being selected for the second phase, which will start on August 19, you will be automatically enrolled in the AWS Machine Learning Engineer nanodegree program. While you will get a certificate for completing the phase one, irrespective of whether you got into the 2nd phase, the most important certificate that you will receive is after completing the advanced course in the second phase.

In the second phase, you will learn more about the AWS ML services and practice how to deploy your models to a production environment. “Machine learning is one of the crucial components of the ongoing AI revolution driving digital transformation worldwide. Thus, we are contributing to the community by offering this scholarship to aspirants,” said Gabriel Dalporto, CEO of Udacity.

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