How Artificial Intelligence is booming the Medicine Industry


Healthcare sector is the wellspring of data. According to McKinsey, machine learning and big data in medicine could generate $100B annually, because AI Solutions in this industry provides better decision-making process, looks for innovation, develops efficiency and creates new gadgets and tools.

• Deep patient is a machine learning representation of capturing hierarchical regularities of about 700,000 patients from Mount Sinai data warehouse. This representation is evaluated to predict the probability of the health state of patients and to prevent them further. It is successful in the prediction of severe diabetes, schizophrenia, and some types of cancer and it delivers with 80 – 90 percent accuracy.

• The unpredictable nature of tumors is the biggest threat to cure cancer. If doctors foresee how the tumor evolves they can be one step ahead and the probability of surviving of the patient rise. A team led by ICR(Cancer Research London) and University of Edinburgh introduce REVOLVER(Repeated Evolution Of Cancer)which helps to pick out the pattern from DNA mutation of the cancer patients and predicts the genetic changes.

• Prevencio Inc introduced its AI-driven HART PAD test to diagnose Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) which is hard to assess in the traditional way in diabetes mellitus (DM) patients.  PAD affects more than 202M people from all over the world that remain underdiagnosed and untreated in its early stages. Untreated PAD often leads to CAD (Coronary Artery Disease). Prevencio’s HART CAD diagnoses CAD accurately. Both the processes are useful in early identifications and hence save patient’s time, money and life.

• EchoPixel introduced True 3D, a mixed reality software solution, which enables physicians and surgeons to interact with critical medical images as they would interact with the patients in the real world. EchoPixel allows surgeons to rotate, resize or dissect the organs virtually which leads to accurate pre-planning followed by faster, perfect diagnosis and surgeries of the patients in the real time.

AI is giving pre-peeks of the future which generally take months and years for the physicians and doctors to see through the diseases and patients. AI’s intervention in medicine is the next big thing which eventually will change the view of the way of treatment and cure.

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