Artificial Intelligence Technology; The Future of Growth

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In his panel session, Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics & Data Officer at Morgan Stanley said, when talking about AI, “Imagine a world in which we were able to tech the intellectual capital of the firm and take hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people’s knowledge and out it into an infrastructure that can be made accessible.”

Head of Data Science for Square’s business lending arm, Square Capital, Thomson Nguyen talked about how AI is helping to meet the unmet demand for capital for small business. He said, “Square, founded in 2008, has allowed eighty-four percent of small business to grow.”

He noted, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence allows us to service more people quicker and with fewer headcount and we can still provide the same personalized experience. With Square Capital in particular, we prescreen you ahead with a series of machine learning models including your revenue forecast, overall eligibility and probability of default if we were to give you a loan. Once these tests give us a positive result, you are approved and we can facilitate funds to you in 24 hours. It’s a seamless, transparent process.”

Dr. Matt Wood, Director of AWS Deep Learning at Amazon Web Services said he is involved in all the work they do as it relates to machine learning and artificial intelligence. He commented, “Artificial intelligence is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment. This seems to happen every couple of years.”

He went on to say, “Machine learning is definitely the future of growth. Companies that are investing even small amounts of time, money and resources are seeing extraordinary growth when they start to apply machine learning to their processes and products.”

In a previous interview earlier this year discussing artificial intelligence, Danny Rittman, CTO of Gopher Protocol Inc. (OTCQB:¬†GOPH) made similar comments. “Every decade there is a quantum leap in AI and now AI is playing a major role in our lives without us even being aware of it.”

In his personal career he worked at developing AI at several large companies before bringing his expertise to Gopher Protocol. Danny is a semiconductor designer with over twenty years of experience with companies such as Intel, DEC, IBM, and Qualcomm. He has worked on many prestigious Integrated Circuits projects; among them Intel’s Pentium Pro, DEC’s Alpha chip, among others. Danny was the founder and CTO of BindKey Technologies, an EDA corporation that was acquired by DuPont Photo Masks.

At the time of this report, Danny told Investor Ideas that Gopher will be releasing a new video showcasing how their Artificial Intelligence technology works and how it applies to their products, including their pet tracking technology.


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