Deep Learning – The Next Big Thing for the Indian Government

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Artificial Intelligence has become the nucleus of governance in India. With the Modi Government constantly making efforts to create an environment for digital growth and the rapid technological advancement that we are witnessing today particularly in the field of artificial intelligence has transformed the way of governance. The Prime Minister himself being a true believer in the potential that technology possesses and the power it has to uplift the economic conditions of the nation, has not left any stone unturned in embracing this transformation. The idea behind this disruptive innovation is not to outdo the human capabilities but to enhance the quality of life by making available simpler and effortless facilities.

Deep learning is one of the fastest growing spheres of artificial intelligencethat consists of a set of algorithms that analyses data through complex series of processes. We have already seen unimaginable inventions in this arena in the recent years, the most tangible ones being speech recognition functions, image recognition functions, and logical interpretation. Deep learning is all pervasive, with its application in sectors ranging from the automotive, healthcare, finance, legal, security and surveillance and even the Government.

India has made a quantum leap in the digital environment. With a competitive edge over other countries in terms of competent talent, a booming start-up environment, robust IT services and a supportive Government that is encouraging and channelizing the true potential of deep learning. With all of this and more India is at the spearhead of digitalization.

The Modi Government is working towards creating an AI platform that integrates data and technology to achieve desired outcomes. Their main area of focus is to accelerate innovation in the deep learning domain and develop an infrastructure framework that allows the capabilities of deep learning to be utilized to its fullest. The advancement and success stories of artificial intelligence across the globe have made the policy makers realize the need to step up their game and make artificial intelligence a critical element of their strategy building.

The Modi Government is persistently trying to increase the skilled employment level by training people particularly of the younger population through its Skill India campaign and aiding budding talent with its Startup India drive, at the same time attempting to divert global manufacturing to India via its Make in India program. They are also aiming at digital transformation nationwide through its Digital India initiative.

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