Google AI leader: AI must include human intelligence

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  • Artificial intelligence can only reach its full potential with the help of human traits, says Demis Hassabis, founder of DeepMind, and coauthors in a paper published Friday in Neuron, according to Technology Review.
  • The authors say improving AI will require better understanding of how the brain works.
  • AI startup Deep Mind was purchased by Google for $650 million in 2014.

Dive Insight:

Ensuring the human side of the equation is included in AI is a problem several companies are looking to address. If programmers involved in AI development look too much at the tech and not enough at the human side, they could come up short in delivering on the promises of AI.

Earlier this month, Google announced a research initiative to focus on the “human side” of AI and how to make it broadly inclusive.

PwC recently predicated Global GDP will be 14% higher in 2030 because of artificial intelligence. By those projections, AI will inject $15.7 trillion into the global economy. But to get there AI systems must be trained well. There have already been a few examples of bias of various kinds built into the foundation of an AI program that can then carry through to the applications where that AI is used. For example, research released in April showed that AI programs can exhibit racial and gender biases, The Guardian reports.

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