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Machine intelligence is the combination of AI and ML

Serving dishes, controlling traffic, performing surgeries on humans – think of these and the first impression is that you cannot do without humans here. The situation now seems to have undergone a 360 degree transformation. Gone are the days when every task that you can think of needed human intervention. Now, you find machines taking up the role of waiters, traffic controllers, educators and what not. One of the greatest achievement is in the field of healthcare sector. Machines are assisting doctors and surgeons while performing medical procedures. We have reached a stage wherein some not so difficult procedures are done by machines themselves without the involvement of humans.

This machine intelligence has truly transformed the way we look at things. This kind of intelligence has made it easy to address issues and problems in every field like never before. The reason why machines are intelligent to the extent that they hold the potential to perform tasks just like humans is because of Artificial Intelligence. It is only by virtue of Artificial Intelligence that we get to see human-like machines and computers. This area will see a lot more advancements in the near future, without a doubt. With AI, machines are capable of interacting in an intelligent way. Contrary to popular belief, it is not because of the fact that machines are able to perform a couple of tasks like humans that makes them intelligent. The story goes beyond all of this.

An intelligent machine, system, hardware or any computer is not intelligent because it is able to perform human-like tasks. It is solely because such machines stand the potential to complete tasks in an unreliable environment. Unlike what they are being asked to do, machines are intelligent if they can judge what’s going around by being able to monitor the environment and then acting accordingly. Just imagine how a person would react to different situations. Same is the case with machines. If a person is able to make the right use of intelligence, it is then that he / she is said to be intelligent. If the similar criteria is followed in case of machines and they are able to react just like humans by making the best use of their intelligence, then that is what constitutes an intelligent machine.

Probably the best examples of intelligent machines are Alexa and Siri. Not forgetting to mention here, how popular they have become over a period. Also, their demand continues to rise – thanks to AI. It is impossible to imagine machines being intelligent without Artificial Intelligence in place. It is solely because of AI that the machines can come up with improved decisions for the company. They do this by accessing information in the best manner possible.

What constitutes Machine intelligence?

When talking about machine intelligence, there are two concepts that are critical and form the base of the origin – Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. A combination of these two is the reason why machines are proactive. These two allow the machines to not just collect the data but also process it to arrive at conclusions. Basis these conclusions, the organizations make decisions. To make machines work human-like, naturally, some aspects of humans will have to be incorporated. Skills like problem solving, learning ability, prioritization, etc. go in the making of machine intelligence. Needless to say, programming has to be the pre-requisite. Also, machines are designed keeping in mind the concept of “deductive logic”. Using this, they are well aware of when they have made mistakes. Learning from this, the machines ensure that the same mistake isn’t committed againin the future.

Though not many skills go into making machines intelligent, the way they handle the situations and tackle problems does come out to be surprising.

It is because of this that companies are inclined towards machine intelligence. They include a set of automation techniques and develop a model that’d help them achieve their goals. This form of intelligence has eased a lot of issues and hence will continue to rule for the years to come.

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