You Can Now Use Facebook’s AI Brains to Build the Next Addictive App


Facebook is making some of the artificial intelligence it uses to prod people to chat and post more available for free.

People can now use the social networking giant’s Horizon coding tools to create their own software that can learn to do tasks in the most efficient way possible by trial-and-error. An outside developer working in her garage, for example, could use the sophisticated technology to build the next addictive app.

“A hobbyist or high school student can run it on their laptop or you can run it on thousands of machines in the cloud,” said Jason Gauci, Facebook’s lead engineer for Horizon.

Facebook, which announced the availability of the tool on Thursday, has used the technology to teach its computers to figure out which notifications users are most likely to respond to. For instance, a user may click on a notification telling him that his mom liked his latest post about gardening and then comment back. That same user, however, is less likely to correspond with the dozens of others who liked his post and whom he barely interacts with on the service.

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