In today’s society, it can be hard to operate without relying on technology one way or another. Electronics have become an essential part of our daily operations. It seems we all use technology for productivity and communication.

Can you imagine what would happen if we all stopped relying on technology all of a sudden? The world would be chaos at first, which further proves how much society depends on technological innovation.

One of these innovations revolves around artificial intelligence (AI). Though it used to only be in science fiction novels, AI is now a true venture for many businesses of today, including my own. In addition, much research is also being done regarding artificial general intelligence (AGI, or general AI), which is a more specific branch.

 What, though, are the exact differences between the two subjects? This article will explore the separation between AI and the heavier AGI.

A Lot Of Research And Development Still Needs To Be Done

Before we dive too deep into AI, it’s important to note that this is still a new field of research. Scientists and AI experts everywhere are still developing the best programs and innovations they can think of. It might be a long time before we reach the “end” of AI development.

The good news is that many businesses are taking advantage of the developments already made. As a matter of fact, 72% of business leadersconsider AI development as an essential part of their business’s future success.

Since the subject is still new, some definitions are still fluid to an extent. When we talk about AI, for example, many experts would include AGI in the category of AI. Others, though, would claim there is a distinct difference.

It might be easy to think about AI as a broad field, while AGI is a more specific focus within it. General AI applies some of the same concepts, even. Below are the two distinctly separate definitions that the industry has come to generally accept.

AI Is Based On Human Cognition

Many would argue that AI itself is centered around performing cognitive tasks that every human can perform. These tasks include things like predictive marketing or complex calculations. Sure, a human could perform them, but allowing machine learning to sift through data on our behalf saves us valuable thinking power.

In fact, many businesses are starting to incorporate AI innovations. What’s one of the top reasons they’re now considering the technology? Well, most of them agree that possibilities in marketing could be perfect for AI technology.

AI, in essence, is designed to make life easier for humans in their daily lives. This design is programmed to be useful from the outset.

In other words, AI functions are preprogrammed beforehand. The “decisions” machine learning makes are logical ones based on empirical data. The goal of general AI, though, is to take these decisions a step further.

General AI Is Based On Human Intellectual Ability

General AI might be considered to fall under the umbrella of AI as a whole. It’s sometimes referred to as strong AI or strict AI. That’s because general AI expects the machine to be equally as smart as a human.

General AI would expect a machine to perform functions that are now only seen in science fiction robots. We don’t have a machine available, for example, that could walk into a home and do laundry for the entire household.

The number of decisions and intellectual energy require are still too far-fetched. Sure, a machine might be able to locate laundry baskets and sort the clothes by color. What about random clothing items that were thrown around a teenage boy’s untidy room, though? Or, how would the machine know which items are only for dry-cleaning? Some decisions that humans take for granted would overwhelm a simple machine’s mind.

Another case would be a decision in which “human instinct” comes into play. For example, sometimes we go with our “gut” to determine which food product to purchase at the store. A machine might not care about a brand name as much as the lowest priced item.

In other words, if it can’t be directly programmed into a machine, odds are that it won’t be able to make heavy intellectual decisions. This ability still is reserved for the part within all of us that is “human.”

Don’t Forget About Superintelligence

There is yet another category under AI as a whole that might be of interest. This would be “superintelligence,” which is also only a part of science fiction still.

Such superintelligence is more of a general fear of those who don’t fully understand the limits of real AI technology. These people are concerned that AI could someday surpass all human intelligence. While it makes for a great adventure movie, superintelligence is not at present a realistic concern for experts.

How Can AI Or General AI Benefit Businesses Today?

As mentioned above, many business leaders are starting to appreciate the possible applications of AI. Since the field is still fresh, no one knows just to what extent those applications could assist us.

Humanity has always been optimizing and automating business operations to reduce corporations’ bottom lines. As this displacement of the workforce might be frightening, it still opens up endless productive possibilities for everyone.

Technology and innovation deserve to be given a fighting chance to truly benefit humanity. A solid understanding of AI is beneficial for all professionals these days. Some professionals dedicated to AI and its progress continue to push for the spread of this exciting technology.

Stay Informed About Technology And AI Innovations

Such a broad field of research deserves to be thoroughly explored for the benefit of humanity. All kinds of perspectives and expertise could expand the possibilities of general AI innovation. It’s important to stay informed and updated on the progress so you don’t get left behind in the modern business world.

Continue researching and learning about AI and technology. The potential applications of the field might end up benefiting your ventures someday.


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