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Analytics Insight recently published its first AI Review report to offer insights on how artificial intelligence service providers are positioned in the industry. Featuring four different categories, viz., Leaders, Disruptor, Pioneers, Challenger, the report highlights the top vendors in each category and points out their market scope and ability to disrupt the AI market.

The report has evaluated 15 artificial intelligence companies, taking into account their market influence and market potential, thus providing a 360-degree view of these vendors. The core factors in determining market influence include, area of focus, solutions, industries, market revenue and geographic presence. Whereas, the market potential is gauged using attributes like funding, innovation, and strategy. 

It is important to note that the vendor selection and assessment are based on key insights and attributes which were validated by analysts and inputs from global CXO advisors of Analytics Insight. Further, Analytics Insight does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its AI Matrix report. 

Besides, this report aims to act as a reference for companies around the world when considering and selecting artificial intelligence service providers for various industrial functions. It can also help companies who want to analyze and compare their market competitors. This information can prove resourceful when attempting to improve one’s own company in areas where others are weak, giving them a market advantage.

Analytics Insight added in its report that, “Since the AI Matrix is a graphical presentation of a vendor’s strengths and capabilities, understanding this can enable business leaders to look for recommendations in the Artificial Intelligence niche, with respect to their business and technology needs.”

The contextualization by Analytics Insight is its attempt to give a quick snapshot of the notable players in the artificial intelligence industry. However, it advises companies not to select vendors only considering their ratings or other designation.

The Analytics Insight AI Matrix report has placed the top visionaries like Databricks, SenseTime, and DataRobot in the Leaders, while Dataiku, DeepMind, and SentinelOne were positioned in the Pioneers’. On the other hand, the Disruptors  include Feedzai, Dataminr, AiBrain and Scale AI. Finally, vendors Nauto, Element AI and feature in Challengers. 

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