Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Innometro 2021

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NEW DELHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): Artificial Intelligence (AI) emphasizes the development of technologies or machines which is working like a human being. AI serviced working like a human recognition, problem solving, learning, planning, data prediction, chat-box and many more.

Few AI Solutions which we use in our daily routine is:

  • SIRI
  • GOOGLE etc.

There are some Industries which using Artificial Intelligence again and again that is:

  1. Business: In business industries use Artificial Intelligence services in the form of spam, filters, voice to text features, security surveillance etc.
  2. Education: By using services like Acuity, MS Team, Doodle, Google Duo and many more.
  3. Automobile: By using Navigation option, Driver Assist, Alexa etc.
  4. Healthcare: By using Digital Consultations, Robotics Surgery, MRI/CT scan machines etc.

As we all know India is a developing country which simply means we need this type of development more which grew the nations in terms of technology. Artificial Intelligence services reduces the human work and it saves time and cost both. Now a day’s people need updating for example in past time people communicate with another people through writing a letter, plays etc. but now we communicate through social media with different social networking applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. As like that when time changes technology also upgrades. It helps us to develop our lifestyle.

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