Artificial Intelligence For Good: How AI Is Helping Humanity

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Founder and CEO, Analytics Insight, providing organizations with strategic insights on disruptive technologies. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered one of the most revolutionary developments in human history, and the world has already witnessed its transformative capabilities. Not surprisingly, AI-based innovations are powering some of the most cutting-edge solutions we use in our daily lives.

Today, AI empowers organizations, governments and communities to build a high-performing ecosystem to serve the entire world. Its profound impact on human lives is solving some of the most critical challenges faced by society. Here are a few innovations for social causes that I find most notable. 

Developing New Drugs: The healthcare industry is ripe with disruptive applications of AI, including the discovery and development of new drugs. AI and machine learning have been used to identify potential molecules by leveraging a large volume of data. Pharmaceutical companies use predictive analytics to discover these molecule candidates and optimize them with several rounds of iteration to select the best one for drug manufacturing.

Reporting Sexual Harassment: Artificial intelligence offers new ways of reporting gender-based violence, child sex abuse and more. AI programs are being designed to monitor internal communications, such as corporate documents, emails and chat, for inappropriate content. Various applications and platforms have been developed to help victims share their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse along with the time and location these events took place.

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