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Multiple industries across the world are embracing the functionalities of Artificial Intelligence to boost productivity and gain high ROI. Law enforcement officers have also started utilising Artificial Intelligence in solving crimes— from petty to horrendous. The machine learning models, help the police department to guide through each step without wasting too much time on any wrong process to capture criminals. It boosts productivity to help victims get justice as soon as possible. Jurors consider multiple pieces of evidence captured by Artificial Intelligence to decide the severity of the punishments. Thus, there is a significant rise in crime prevention and detection after using Artificial Intelligence in solving crimes.

Cities are getting smarter with the continuous installation of hi-tech CCTVs and buying smart devices. Artificial Intelligence models work on the real-time information that comes from these CCTVs and records from smart devices. Whenever police officers need to track criminals down, they prefer to use AI like a smart assistant to monitor the movements precisely. The facial recognition system helps in understanding the last location of any victim as well as detecting the behaviour of the criminal or abductor.

AI also helps to detect gunfire shots with sensors connected to a cloud-based application. It does not need any passer-by to call the police and inform them about the gunfire. The multiple sensors capture the time and sound of gunfire shots and send real-time data to the police department for determining the current position of the shooter.

Artificial Intelligence, is solving crimes by detecting essential and hidden clues from multiple crime scenes that are impossible to detect with the naked human eye. It opens a plethora of connections to new links from the evidence from photographs. The new links are worth checking out because it reduces the time to solve the crime and get hold of the criminal involved.

The appropriate use of Artificial Intelligence in solving crimes, helps the law enforcement officers in crime prevention and detection efficiently. Though there are some potential risks in using AI and machine learning models, it is becoming popular across the world.

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