Artificial Intelligence Will Enable Personalized, Proactive and Smarter Care

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will enable care that is more personalized, proactive and smarter than ever before – abating acute events through early, accurate detection. Veering from treatment to prevention will disrupt traditional business models. 

AI-based applications can now listen to one single heartbeat and detect congestive heart failure (CHF) with 100 percent accuracy. It’s not a stretch to imagine that the dreaded nightmare of ending up in an emergency room (ER) on a gurney has now morphed into a new reality – one where you can proactively detect CHF and then walk into your doctor’s office to discuss options for managing it. 

Prevention in this way is powerful. Yet, it has proved elusive for many reasons. None are more telling, perhaps, than the inability to continuously listen and harness our bodies’ voices and messages. 

Preventative services constitute 3 percent of overall U.S. healthcare spend. Almost 75 percent of all healthcare spend is tied to treatments for patients with chronic conditions. These figures trend even higher for publicly funded programs – as high as 83 percent for Medicaid and 96 percent for Medicare. 

We expect AI will significantly enhance our ability to proactively and accurately detect the likelihood of acute events for a patient with chronic conditions and minimize expensive and unnecessary ER visits or hospital admissions. We also expect it will transform chronic care, prevention and waste. 

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