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For those unaware, Artificial Intelligence alludes the re-enactment of human insight into machine so as to enable them to think like members of the human race. Thus, attributes like problem solving, learning and critical thinking are carried on by machines.

Artificial intelligence brings along a colossal potential to the table which is ultimately sculpturing the fate of technology in future.

Thus, its no surprise that business industry is investing more and more in this platform that holds the promise of changing the world as we know it. Thus as per estimates, given the investments that artificial intelligence is witnessing, it will easily cross the value of trillions of dollar in the future.

AI also houses gigantic potential when it comes to development of software and its further improvement. It is not a replacement for human intelligence but it eliminates the error that humans might make and does the task with complete accuracy and precision.

With the mankind being largely dependent on artificial intelligence, here is a list of AI platforms that are pulling the strings in the industry

Google Cloud AI Platform:

This platforms allows developers to effortlessly manufacture artificial intelligence models. It incorporates Google Cloud Dataflow. It allows pre-handling and permits the users to get data from Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery etc.

Tasks like NLP, Speech, Vision Capabilities and deep learning are carried out through the help of Google Cloud AI platform. These incorporate-

Machine Learning

By providing a toolchain, the platform lets developers without much difficulty create AI models and assist in the procedure of development. 

Deep Learning

Deep learning applications are developed with ease due to pre-configured Virtual Machines (VMs) offered by this platform. Deep Learning containers also provide flexibility by being compatible with TenserFlow, PyTorch.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Google provides Natural Language Processing capacities to the developers so as to discover the composition and significance of a text. It is of utmost importance to break down content with Google NLP API that is accessible via RESTful API.


Vision is also a part of Google Cloud AI platform. It gives users the oppotutnity to detect images and get astute bits of knowledge from them. For this purpose, RPC and REST APIs are used and their integration with ML models helps identifying items, faces and texts.


In order to convert speech to text and text to speech, Google Speech API is used. It utilizes neural network models. Speech to text API bolsters 120 languages.

All thanks to voice recognition, it lets developers and engineers empower their applications and software with voice command features. Speech is very beneficial when it comes to tasks like transforming texts to audio for example in mp3 format.

Microsoft Azure AI Platform:

By providing developers with AI competence to do speech recognition, Machine learning (ML), object recognition, machine translation and Knowledge mining; Microsoft Azure AI Platform has established itself as one of the most popular platforms worldwide. Tools like Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning to create new exposure for the users.

It also incorporates Python based ML service known as Azure Databricks which amalgamates ONNX and Azure ML.

IBM Watson:

IBM Watson is an open AI that has made performing in several fields like financial services, Internet of Things (IoT), media, healthcare, oil & gas sector and advertising possible and an advanced mean.

It lets engineers speeding up the turn of events and enlargement of AI application models.

Apparatuses like SDKs are provided by IBM Watson. Watson Assistant can also be used to emulate a conversation between a user and the machine.

IBM watson is capable of converting speech to text through Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is also known as Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Thus, software makers are greatly benefitted by this.

IBM Watson also offers its developers SDKs for Java, Python, Swift, Ruby,

and Node.js which empowers the engineers and developers to locate an appropriate SDK for their tasks.

It is used widely in the medical field as it lets doctors read Xray and MRI scans precisely.


As the name suggests, BigML provides users with ML calculations. Most notable programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Swift, Node.js etc as per the requirement of the task and the developers.

Features like loading of data, an expansive room of no cost models to utilise and flexible, elastic pricing make BigML a widely used Artificial intelligence platform throughout the world.

Infosys Nia:

With its advanced technology, Infosys Nia permits clients to manufacture custom encounters to match the industrial requirement and models. It includes features like–

Machine Learning

BigML offers a massively expansive scope of Machine Learning calculations which speeds the very process and makes it uncomplicated for the developers to create software.

Nia Chatbot

Assembling Artificial intelligence based chatbots helps the developers enable technologies to converse with human beings and complete actions that they are told to do. 

Contracts Analysis

By incorporating Deep Learning, ML, and semantic modelling provides developers with a wide scope for contracts analysis 

Data nia

Data Nia is a data driven tool which helps a firm receive insights and therefore forecast the plans.

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