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Artificial Intelligence has been on the tech agenda for more than two decades now, although its impact on our day-to-day lives is perhaps yet to be fully realized. Perceptions of AI’s innovation are broad and have altered over time.

For many, AI is an exciting new tool that will improve the quality of our lives, at home and work, by being able to deliver functions that will save us time and enhance our experiences in the world of leisure and entertainment. But for others, AI is perceived as a threat to our livelihoods. Old-fashioned perceptions push the narrative that technology must be managed and developed slowly – or not developed at all – to protect our ways of life.

This has contributed to AI receiving only sporadic funding and being dismissed by some as a pipe dream. However, we will discuss the positive impact that AI is having on the world of digital entertainment, and in particular in the world of bingo and online casino gaming.

That’s entertainment

Although many may not realize AI is already readily utilized as a part of several mainstream digital entertainment experiences. For example, Netflix viewers will receive recommendations of what to watch next based on the technology. AI is used to interpret data and produce an algorithm that displays film and TV suggestions that will likely appeal to the user based on their previous habits. In this instance, AI is helping to deliver a much more bespoke, personalized experience to paying subscribers.

In gaming, AI can be used to set a difficultly level based on the player’s abilities and can make configuration recommendations to enhance the player’s experience. Where human guidance is not possible, AI helps to keep new players on track.

Other gaming sectors, such as online casino gaming, have contrasting relationships with AI. Some platforms utilize the technology in a similar way to traditional console titles to automatically change personalization. It can also be used to speed up manual processes, such as repeating a previous bet or warning the player against ‘twisting’ in a game of blackjack when they have a good hand. Others instead use more tried and tested innovations such as random number generators to ensure games are fair.

Some businesses in the casino sector have adopted the technology to try and enhance the experience for players.  Sue Dawson from Best New Bingo Sites explains how “In real money online gaming, AI can be used for targeting marketing and advertising so that players receive promotional offers that are tailored to their preferences and behavior. For instance, you might receive an offer of free spins for the slot game you play most often at the time of day you’re most likely to play. The games themselves are strictly regulated, though, and must use verified RNG to ensure that all players have the same chance of winning.”

The future

As is the case in any area of technology, it’s fascinating to speculate what the future may hold for AI. Already developers are experimenting with its use in spheres like art and even literature. Art AI Gallery offers images for sale that have been generated by artificial intelligence, while developers have experimented with using AI to write plays, make music, and script films.

It’s clear from the evidence that AI is already a major part of many lives, and as the technology behind it advances, it’s likely that will see further leaps forward taken in the years and decades to come.

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