Data Mining Company Founder is Accused of Experian Breach

5Sep - by aiuniverse - 0 - In Data Mining


Founder of a data-mining company, Karabo Phungula has been accused of gaining access to the personal data of nearly 24 million South Africans and 793 749 businesses from credit bureau, Experian.

It is alleged that the information was handed over to Phungula after he ‘impersonated a legitimate Experian client’. However, Phungula says that he has been framed. He went on to tell MyBroadBand that he has “no idea what’s going on”.

Phungula has since been issued with an Anton Piller order which grants the Sheriff the right to search and seize ‘evidence’ without giving any warning.

“They came to my parents’ house which is the address they have as my business registered address and requested all devices, I further went with the Sherrif to where I stay to take my computer so they can search for evidence.”

Reports from iAfrikan suggest that “data containing the keywords of the Anton Piller order was found on the hardware that was seized”.

Experian says that it has now “laid a criminal charge against the suspected perpetrator and that a case number and prosecutor has been assigned to the case”.

According to Phungula, he has no dealings with Experian. However, “Experian acquired a business in 2019 (Compuscan) who had a once-off client-relationship with the Perpetrator in 2017”.

It is yet to be seen if these accusations hold any water.

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