Data mining reveals three new items coming to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

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At the moment, it is difficult to say whether Epic would follow the same plan for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 as it has done earlier. The first season for Fortnite Chapter 2 was longer than usual and made some changes to the game. The second season arrived only a few days ago, and news regarding the upcoming updates has started to go around.

Twitter user, Hypex, is well known for revealing Fortnite secrets. He uses data mining techniques to find hidden information in the game files. He revealed that Epic has already completed the testing for update v12.10 and v12.20, and it means the updates would be available pretty soon. 

During the process of data mining, three new features for Fortnite have been uncovered. The game files have references of a Disguise Kit, Proximity Mine, and Security Plans, and these items might arrive in the game within a couple of weeks. 

Here are the details regarding these new items, and we might see at least one of them within this week.

Disguise Kit

It appears a portable Disguise kit is in the works. It has the same data tag as the wearable Bush. By the looks of it, Disguise Kit will be quite similar to the addition of harpoon gun in season 1. The harpoon gun was a new feature of Fortnite Chapter 2, and it helped with the all-new fishing mechanic in the game.

With the help of a Disguise kit, a player won’t need to find a phone booth to change their look. This new feature would make it a lot easier for you to hide from the henchmen as you sneak around, opening some locked doors. In other words, it will be a simple way of disguising yourself on the run instead of using a phone booth.

Proximity Mine

Season 2 aims to reintroduce explosives to the game. C4 has always been one of the most devastating and favorite items in the game. Data mining reveals the Epic has plans to reintroduce a new explosive to with the upcoming update. Currently, it seems that we will be seeing a proximity mine introduced to the game. However, no further details about it are available at the moment.

Security Plans

The data miners are themselves not sure what these security plans do. Interestingly, they come under the ammo section and their use is unclear.

Many have guessed that it might provide a layout of a particular area on the map. This item would be extremely helpful if you want to sneak around a henchman to go to a protected area.

As of now, the security plans might be the first new addition to the game and will be seen in the Brutus Faction Mission.

More details about these items would be revealed pretty soon as Epic might release Fortnite patch notes in a few days.

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