Dogan Technologies Envisions a World Led by Data Driven Organizations, Seeks Seed Funding

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Dogan Technologies is at the forefront of helping organizations crack the code of big data and translate it into meaningful results. Thanks to a team of experts that includes professors, entrepreneurs, developers and scientists, the tech company has grown in popularity and acceptance with organizations worldwide. Dogan’s main focus is on building the tools of tomorrow that will help identify underlying patterns in data, or discover current and future market trends.

Creative minds with a meticulous focus on communication and results has made Dogan Technologies a preferred partner for cutting edge projects in data mining, analytics and artificial intelligence. Dogan informs clients about current trends, future directions, and helps make decisions based on hard data. Any company, big or small, that needs to launch a new initiative based on data is welcome at Dogan.

“We help organizations manage and understand the potential implications in their data. We have bootstrapped our business so far and are now looking for seed funding,” says a spokesperson for Dogan Technologies.

Among the solutions, Dogan builds software and uses data analytics to model raw data into meaningful information for supporting larger software. The team makes cloud and SaaS software, and offers data mining to uncover underlying trends and patterns. All products are created on time, are well documented, and a seamless flow of communication is maintained at all times.

“Very seamless in communication, and did a great job on the project! Would love to work with them again in the near future and would recommend based on their computer vision skills,” says a recent client.

Dogan experts in AI drive products help clients reimagine their operations for a digital age. The machine learning solutions are built with the latest and most advanced algorithms. Another Dogan specialty is deep learning, such as the image recognition algorithms for detecting objects and used in image segmentation.

Having worked with Fortune 500 companies has given Dogan a wide perspective, while working with startups has allowed the team to hone deeper, ground level skills. At base lies the belief that the new world will be shaped by intelligent software and data driven initiatives.

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