Enhance your career prospects with Artificial Intelligence courses

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Artificial intelligence is considered to be one of the most disruptive and successful technologies that exists today. Its potential to continuously evolve and enable innovations is now being leveraged by a spectrum of industries across the globe.

Keeping in mind the significance of AI and its accelerated adoption, there has been a growing demand for AI talents in the companies these days. Observing the increasing demand of AI skills, both employees and the students are on a lookout to pursue Artificial Intelligence as a course and thus add stars to their portfolio.

Owing to this, many institutes are offering some of the best artificial intelligence courses and to make your choice a little simpler, here are five institutes wherein indian students can look for courses on Artificial Intelligence. If you are aspiring to carve a career path out of AI, you may definitely want to consider these courses:

Henry Harvin: The Artificial Intelligence course offered by ed-tech company – Henry Harvin takes you through various modules of AI, thereby accelerating one’s career. The course explains in detail the meaning, purpose, scope, applications and impacts of Artificial Intelligence. It allows you to comprehend AI & ML theories and understand the ML workflow along with the effective execution of strategies.

This 32-hour training session acquaints the pursuant with the best skills and knowledge transferred by professionals and helps you bag your dream job with an AI background.

Intellipaat: The PG Certification course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offered by Intellipaat is designed to upskill and make you an expert in the popular IT domain. Top faculty from MNIT and industry experts will assist you in mastering the skills required to excel in Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, neural networking, and other concepts in this domain. This course was created in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft in order to provide relevant industry experience.

In order to provide relevant industry experience, this course was developed in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft and spans over a period of 12 months.

Great Learning: This comprehensive course on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ covers the basics of neural network-based models. The course offers a conceptual understanding of learning mechanisms such as Need and history of neural networks, gradient, forward propagation, loss functions and its implementation using python libraries. This 12-month course intends to empower the learners with everything they need to succeed in their careers including the skills much needed for the future oriented professionals.

Edureka: Edureka in collaboration with one of the best NITs in India – NIT Warangal has introduced a diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These Machine Learning and AI Certification Courses will nurture and transform you into a highly skilled professional thus helping you land a high-paying AI-ML job. This course gives you an opportunity to get hands-on exposure to industry-level assignments and projects with top-notch theories and insights.

Spread over a period of 450+ hours of intensive learning, the course is thoughtfully designed by NITW faculty.

Upgrad: Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning and AI, which is categorically designed for working professionals, is a 450+ hours of learning session that imparts in-demand skills along with the opportunity to work on industry projects. Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions forms the USP of the course. TNS

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