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Conversational AI is Advancing towards the Sector of Education

May be ‘Talking tom’ was just not a toy but also an epitome of Conversational AI that is reigning the present and will continue to do so in future as well. Besides, the pandemic happens to be a significant inducer of artificial intelligence to such an extent that AI is now a habit and a lifestyle. In the current era of technological modernization, enterprises are augmented with digital transformation. This stands true especially for Fortune 500 companies that are leveraging AI to best of their advantages to enhance and refurbish their business dimensions.

Conversational AI is one of the most advanced forms of AI bots that are heavily employed by e-commerce platforms. While Conversational AI has occupied a significant space in the e-commerce industry, it is also transforming the education sector as well.

The Socio-economic Status of Education Sector during Covid-19

With social distance as the norm, education and pedagogy have become mobile, in its entirety. Education institutions are seeking novel methods to disseminate extensive teaching methods without any loop holes. AI has been a significant and constant filler of gaps that often arise in research and education, thereby, delivering personalized and impeccable standards of education.

According to reports by World Economic Forum, the global education technology investment had touched a high growth of US$18.66 billion. The education sector is thriving by adoption of high-end technologies, eliminating all the possible drawbacks entailed by online education. Hence, it can be confidently asserted that the socio-economic status of education amidst the pandemic has remained unhindered.

Incorporation of Conversational AI in Education

Conversational AI has emerged to be an inseparable limb of modern day teaching and learning methods. This innovative AI tool stimulates smooth communication between users and computers by enabling natural dialogue. Natural dialogue is one of the cardinal requisite in virtual education. With the support of natural language processing (NLP), Conversational AI aims to attend and clarify queries from students and deliver human-like responses in short periods of time.

While conversing with AI chatbots can seem intimidating at first, Conversational AI performs like humans to meet the needs of students. Here is a list of multiple benefits generated by Conversational AI:

1. Personalized Learning Experience: The demands and requirements of teaching and learning keeps varying. Conversational AI is capable of providing customized and personalized learning that suits an individual the best.

2. Automated Administrative Works: Administrative works are crucial parts of the education sector. While handling administrative tasks can be overwhelming at times, the onus can be put on Conversational AI that automates all the administrative works.

3. Authentic Delivery of Feedbacks: Feedback is imperative for both faculties and students. Conversational AI organizes the right feedback for students and teachers. Feedback paves ways for opportunities to fill up the gaps in the process of teaching and learning.

Conversational AI is the New Pygmalion of the Education Sector

Integration of conversational AI in the education has demonstrated results that have helped to transform the face of education sector, making virtual education a part of the new normal.

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