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Google makes recommendations in practicing responsible AI.

Technology innovation and development in modern mechanization is making the world brawny, to face the most complex challenges of the upcoming times. In particular, it is Artificial Intelligence that presently is and also in the future will help us in getting the grips on complicated problems. The application of Artificial Intelligence is offering new probabilities for higher productivity augmentation. The swiftness of AI research development is now being matched with real-world applications. How people will take up or accept Artificial Intelligence will decide the influence of AI on the world. In this respect, Google is committed to making progress in the responsible development of AI.

From business, industries, banking to education and healthcare sectors the evolution of AI is generating new opportunities in improving the lives of people all around the world. However, this is also putting up questions about the responsibility in practicing Artificial Intelligence, its accountability, fairness, and also how secure and how privacy is maintained in these systems. To benefit people and society, Google is all in its way to develop Artificial Intelligence responsibly.

As AI is transfiguring the industries and solving important challenges at a large scale, it is a deep learning responsibility to build AI (carrying vast opportunities) that works for everyone.

Google paves the way for value-based AI benefiting businesses.

• For more liable and secured products, Google talks about assessing the AI systems in both forms, when it is performing and also when not performing as it this is important in building accountable products.

• There is lack of trust when it comes to organization selecting product enterprise which is based on Artificial Intelligence and this lack of trust is a growing hurdle. However, a responsible AI outlook earns trust.

• Google takes into consideration for authorizing the AI decision-makers and developers to take ethical rumination into account in finding innovative and new ways to drive AI missions.

According to Google, AI systems should be designed in a way that is well-founded, authentic, efficacious customer-driven following best general practices for software systems along with practices that take into consideration the uniqueness of machine learning.

Google recommended certain practices for responsible AI system-

• Use design featuring a humanistic approach- For a good user’s experience intelligibility and control is pivotal. Therefore, it is required to design the features with suitable divulgence.

• It is crucial to consider proper assistance and incrementation. It means when there is a high assurance that one answer can convince a variety of users then it is appropriate to produce a single answer. In other cases, it might be best for the systems to suggest for few more options to the users. However, it is much difficult to achieve accuracy at one answer compared to precision at a few answers.

• To understand the trade-offs between different kinds of errors and experiences, it is helpful to use several metrics than using a single one.

• It is always required to ensure the metrics which is accurate for the framework and goals of the system. For example, a fire alarm system should have high recall even if it means the occasional false alarm. Also, it is required to include feedback from the surveys received from the users, along with the qualities that will track the overall performance of the system.

• It is required to examine the raw data directly whenever it is possible. Machine Learning models emulate the data on which they are trained. There can be cases where it is not possible to examine the data like with sensitive raw data in such cases it is required to understand the input data as much as possible while respecting confidentiality for instance, by computing aggregate and anonymized summaries.

• To have best test practices it is always best to learn from software engineering and quality engineering so that it is possible to make sure that the AI system is working deliberately and can be trusted.

Google AI principle for responsible AI system-

Google’s AI principles, serve as a living constitution since 2018. Google’s Responsible Innovation team directs to put all the principles to work worldwide. For building a successful AI, continuous evaluations are important. It is required to undertake a deep ethical analysis and also assessments based on risk and opportunity for any product of technology. To look over and understand AI models responsible AI tools are an increasingly operative way.

Google is focusing on building resources like Explainable AI, Model Cards, and the TensorFlow open-source toolkit to provide transparency in the model in an accountable and structured way.

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