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The healthcare industry is now unimaginable without technology. Artificial intelligence has shown its incredible potential in transforming the healthcare industry. Starting from diagnosing brutal cancerous cells or heart diseases to early detection of a possibly deadly virus, technological algorithms have surpassed the abilities of humans in detecting and uprooting them.

However, it is a prejudice that the proper healthcare infrastructure is confined only to patient care. A proper healthcare infrastructure also involves a framework of a proper crowd management system. Because hospitals and clinics, amidst the pandemic outbreak, are witnessing massive crowd inflations, health industry officials are now considering AI and machine learning integrations for crowd management purposes as well.

Bluetooth Beacons and Wireless Mobile Sensors are the Alternatives Hospitals are Looking Forward to 

Bluetooth beacons and wireless sensors are rising to prominence vehemently. Bluetooth beacons are mini hardware transmitters that are used to transmit information if it suspects anything unusual. On the other hand, wireless mobile sensors are an old invention, still in the top trends for medical technology.

A study of epidemiology conducted in 2012 revealed that overcrowding and human stampedes globally have led to around 10243 deaths and 22445 injuries in about 83 countries. While the number has subsided to a great extent in the urban landscape, city outskirts and rural areas are still subjected to the problem of overcrowding. Massive crowd inflations can escalate the chances of virus contamination.

To counter the adversities started by crowds, hospitals are now integrating Bluetooth beacons and wireless mobile sensors to detect abnormalities in gatherings in hospitals. These gadgets raise alarms on detecting anything unusual, and actions are taken accordingly.

While famous hospital groups and chains like Apollo are adopting AI and ML to start a facelift of their medical infrastructures, small or low-funded medical institutions too are resorting to AI incorporations. These initiatives also ensure equity in the dissemination of medical facilities.

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