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IBM Deploys AI to Induce Positive Disruptions

The colossal field of artificial intelligence has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. With the advent of deep neural networks (DNNs) that surpass human cognition and human intelligence, the post-modern world is now thriving on disruptive technologies and avant-garde innovations. Adhering to the ebb and flow of innovations and technological transformations, IBM is constantly experimenting with AI to explore the terra incognita and attach new dimensions to disruptive technology.

In recent days, IBM is striving to combine AI and hardware devices. Such a move will not only catalyze digital transformation in business industries and IT hubs but will also emerge as another disruptive technology at large.

The Exceptional Conflation of AI and Hardware: Aims and Objectives

Pushing the limits of AI, IBM is currently on a mission to instill AI in hardware. The IBM Research AI Hardware center is the hub of a team of academicians and industry leaders who are experimenting to give birth to the next wave of AI technologies. The mission of such a development is that it will deliver 2.5 times annual improvement in hardware that is capable of high compute efficiency. This development in hardware is deemed as one of the key components of IBM’s “Fluid Intelligence”.

With this development, IBM is looking forward to a 16-fold improvement in processing efficiency. IBM is delving into a world of analog computation, which can generate high performance in low power.

Additionally, IBM has also announced its third-generation digital AI core. IBM asserts that this will develop a new four-core design that accelerates the performance efficiency of training. This will significantly surpass and outpace the goal of 2.5X global improvements.

Another meticulous AI in hardware development is analog computing. IBM has devoted itself to experimenting with analog computers for decades. It has recently developed a chip using phase-memory (PCM) in order to encode the neural nets on a memory device.

It is said, “Time is money.” Business industries practice timeliness vehemently. This is taken as the primary reason to adopt high-end technologies to cope up with the cut-throat race in the market space.

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