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Here is a list of top artificial intelligence initiatives unleashed by the Indian Institute of Technology.

A career in technology should be taught from the lower level of education. Once the students feel attracted to the influence of artificial intelligence and its innovations, they take up tech-based courses to quest their thirst. That is what Indian Institute of Technology colleges in India do. First set up in 1951 in Kharagpur, IITs are now located at 23 places across the country. Indian Institute of Technology colleges are educating students with practical knowledge by taking up artificial intelligence initiatives. The professors and research candidates in IITs often work with students on artificial intelligence-powered techniques and unravel a new range of products for the societal cause. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed the top artificial intelligence initiatives unleashed by the Indian Institute of Technology.


IIT Madras’ unleashes an artificial intelligence model to process texts

Indian Institute of Technology Madras has joined hands with AI4Bharat and unraveled artificial intelligence models and datasets to process texts in eleven Indian regional languages. AI4Bharat is a platform helping India to leverage innovative AI solutions to solve societal issues. The dataset includes the country’s official languages including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, etc. The multilingual AI models and datasets will provide the essential building blocks to students, faculty, start-ups, and industry to work on Indian language tools and push the frontiers of technology.

IIT Bombay develops an AI platform for video surveillance

IIT Bombay has extended its innovation of a state-of-the-art video surveillance platform to remotely monitor social distancing norm violations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially designed in 2017, the platform Surakshavyuh was used for military surveillance. Later, the product evolved into enterprise-grade video analytics solutions based on machine learning-enabled technology that can detect illegal entry and loitering, monitor perimeters and track objects, count crowds and recognize faces, etc. The state-of-the-art video surveillance was developed in industrial collaboration between the National Center of Excellence in Technology (NCETIS) at IITB and SrivisifAI Technologies Pvt Ltd.

IIT Kharagpur unravels an AI tool to detect the quality of goods

The researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur have developed a portable artificial intelligence-powered tool to automatically inspect goods manufactured by Indian micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Most of the MSME companies in India rely on manual labor to check the quality of products. However, this innovation will change the tailwind of how small companies function. The AI-powered device clicks pictures of products when aligned on a batch of goods and sends the image feed to AI-based software for quality control analysis. By doing so, the AI software can detect and reject products that come with low quality.

IIT Madras develops an AI platform to solve complex engineering problems

A group of experts from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has worked together and developed AI algorithms that enable novel applications using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning models, which could help solve complex engineering problems. Led by Dr. Vishal Nandigana, an assistant professor at the department of mechanical engineering, the team worked on AI and deep learning algorithm that has the potential to solve a wide variety of problems in engineering fields including thermal management, semiconductors, automobile, electronics, and aerospace.

IIT Madras launches an AI model to convert brain signals into the English language

A research team from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has worked closely with the brain-machine interface and unraveled an AI model that could convert brain signals of speech-impaired persons into language. Besides helping impaired people, the technology can also be implied to interpret nature’s signals like plant photosynthesis process or their response to any external stimulus. The AI model decodes the waveforms of the brain using physical law and mathematical transforms such as Fourier Transform or Laplace transform. By collaborating mathematical and science laws, the model can interpret brain signals.

IIT Kharagpur unravels an AI-driven gadget to keep the intruders at bay

In order to combat the increasing threat of animals in the agricultural fields in rural and semi-reserved areas and the menace of robbers in a residential environment, the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has developed an artificial intelligence-powered gadget that could keep the threats at bay. Farm Surveillance-Cum-Animal Scarer (FSCAS), the artificial intelligence-driven system, can be installed at a strategic place on the field or residential area. It starts screaming and sending alarms to the users’ mobile if it detects an animal or an intruder.

IIT Mandi develops an AI-powered app to track people on home quarantine

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi has developed an artificial intelligence-powered biometric application to monitor and accurately detect the identity and location of the home-quarantined Covid-19 patients. Lakshman Rekha, the AI-based mobile application, uses a combination of biometric verification, geofencing, and artificial intelligence to detect if the patients breach their quarantine space or not.

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