Israeli researchers develop deep-learning method for creating 3D dynamic cell images

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JERUSALEM, June 17 (Xinhua) — Israeli researchers have developed an innovative microscopic method for creating 3D dynamic cell images, the northern Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) said on Wednesday.

This deep-learning technology, published in the journal Nature Methods, may lead to the mapping of biological processes in living cells in super-resolution.

The new system significantly shortens 3D image creation time through artificial neuron network and deep-learning.

The researchers demonstrated the system’s efficiency in 3D mapping of mitochondria (the cell’s energy maker) and tracking of telomeres, DNA sections at the ends of the chromosomes, in living cells.

One of the challenges of biology today is the mapping of dynamic biological processes in super-resolution living cells, that is, 10 times greater than the resolution of a standard optical microscope.

Thus, microscopes produce 2D images with limited resolution, with 3D images currently being obtained by scanning different sampled layers, and integrating them with computerized means to 3D images.

Such a process requires a lot of scanning time, during which the object being examined must be static, and provides low quality images.

To solve this, the Technion team has developed the artificial neural network, which performs computational tasks at unprecedented speed and performance.

Thus, the network trains on a huge number of virtual samples. Then, it analyzes the information obtained from microscope sample images and produces super-resolution 3D images from it. Enditem

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