Northflank raises $2.6M seed funding for full-stack cloud DevOps platform

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Northflank Ltd., a cloud-based DevOps startup, today announced it has raised $2.6 million in a seed round led by Kindred Ventures, Stride.VC and Amaranthine Partners, alongside the launch of its full-stack cloud platform.

The platform enables developers to easily build, run and operate web applications, microservices and databases via a real-time back end and application programming interface.

“Northflank is what we call a full-stack cloud platform that allows a developer to sign up, connect their version control — GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab — and immediately build and deploy all of their repositories via a Docker file,” Northflank co-founder and Chief Executive Will Stewart told TechCrunch.

With the developer sandbox from Northflank, developers gain access to a real-time user interface and API designed for speed and functionality. It also provides a variety of DevOps features at a glance such as Build, Run, Pipelines, Crons and Projects alongside their attendant features and tools.

The back end also allows easy integration with solutions that DevOps teams need to access in a cloud developer ecosystem, such as scalable instances of PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis.

Northflank was founded by Stewart and Frederik Brix, who bonded over a love of multiplayer video games and began working on projects using cooperative platforms such as TeamSpeak, Skype, WhatsApp and now Slack. ose same platforms have been used by DevOps teams throughout time to stay in contact and coordinate development management.

According to the co-founders, running a remote development team is very similar to managing a gaming clan. In order to be most effective, the team needs to encourage honesty, communication, trust and mutual support.

The Northflank full-stack solution includes a unified model for integration, deployment and release. Team management is possible via an API and the platform is cloud provider-agnostic with bare-metal server support. Teams can manage their code through GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab using Dockerfiles, and access a large number of back-end views for analysis and metrics.

Pricing for Northflank focuses on business size starting at Small for $4.40 per month for small-scale microservices development and scales up to Large for $76 per month for bigger business needs.

The company intends to use the seed funding to expand its operations and make its platform experience lighting fast, reach out into additional regions and offer improved support for niche services.

Alongside the announcement of the seed funding, Northflank is inviting developers to sign up for the platform’s beta now on the startup’s website.

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