OpsRamp Unveils Predictive Analysis Tool OpsQ for Faster Incident Remediation

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OpsRamp, a SaaS platform for discovery, monitoring, management, and automation of modern digital hybrid infrastructure, announced OpsQ, a capability for first response and incident remediation. OpsQ uses predictive analysis to reduce resolution time. OpsQ also houses AIOps, which is the AI for IT operations. AIOps provides transparency into machine learning-driven decisions.

The release includes several other integrations. These integrations are mostly for platforms like the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. It also added dynamic topology maps for Azure and GCP. The new launch includes AIOps, Multi-cloud monitoring and management, and hybrid discovery and synthetic monitoring. The details of the same are as below-

AIOps – This is the OpsRamp’s AI for IT operations like ingesting, analyzing, and extracting comprehensive insights for real-time event and incident management. AIOps houses three major features

1. OpsQ Recommend Mode
2. Visualization of Alert Seasonality Patterns
3. Alert Stats Widget

Multi-Cloud Monitoring and Management: OpsRamp has more than 120 integrations on multiple cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The update has 19 new cloud monitoring integrations with a dynamic topology map for Azure and GCP, which include:

1. Deeper Cloud Monitoring
2. Cloud Topology Maps

Hybrid Discovery and Synthetic Monitoring: OpsRamp includes new platform capabilities for agentless discovery and synthetic monitoring.

In an exclusive comment shared with Toolbox, Bhanu Singh, SVP of Engineering & DevOps at OpsRamp, said, “As enterprises are becoming more comfortable with AIOps, they’re seeking more actionable intelligence from artificial intelligence. OpsRamp Winter 2020 responds to this with better visibility on alert patterns, alert optimization, and the true time savings that AIOps delivers. What’s more, the new Recommend Mode makes it easy to suppress an alert in just one click. It’s the kind of simplicity and turnkey control that the industry needs from AIOps, natively built into a digital operations command center for the hybrid world.”

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