Tech Thursday: New Boulder startup wants to help build the artificial intelligence of the future

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BOULDER, Colo. – A new startup in Boulder is looking to make a splash in the quickly-growing field of artificial intelligence.

Boulder AI just launched this week, billing itself as one of Colorado’s only AI consulting companies. Boulder AI’s aim is to help other businesses create artificial intelligence systems that can perform menial work that is costly or dangerous for humans.

“It’s really [about] taking boring, monotonous tasks and allowing computers to do those tasks in an automated way,” Founder Darren Odom said.

Odom says his company offers a breadth of experience that other companies in the AI space can’t match. While most companies focus on either hardware or software, Boulder AI is firmly focused on both.

“We have both hardware and software experience that we can bring to the table,” Odom said.

For example, Boulder AI already has built a rugged, AI-equipped camera that the company says has a wide range of uses, from counting wildlife and identifying fish to tracking customer behaviors in a retail setting.

“Our team can design AI hardware, with either on-board or cloud processing. We’ve also got a deep bench of AI software developers,” Odom said.

Boulder AI joins a quickly growing field of tech companies calling the city home. Odom said he knew Boulder was the perfect place to set up shop, in large part because of the huge pool of tech talent.

‘Boulder is this amazing hub of really intelligent folks and it’s really, I believe, the new Silicon Valley,” Odom said. “I can’t imagine launching Boulder AI anywhere else.”

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