The 13 In-Demand IT Certifications For A Great Career in USA

There’s cut-throat competition for everything. Getting a job is tough, and especially in this economy after the pandemic not only in USA but globally. Every company is cutting their costs and looking for talented individuals for different technical roles in less pay.

But, still, there are a lot of high-paying certification programs that professionals can opt for to compete in the competitive world.

If you are planning for a next move in USA, then completing these IT certification programs will boost your skills and abilities, and it will surely help you to stand out in the job market of united states.

With the changing business landscape, the demand for skilled individuals has increased immensely and organizations are focusing more on candidates who have completed certificate courses in these specific fields.  The demand for below-mentioned skills is sky-high, and the supply of professionals is meager.

Master in DevOps Engineering (MDE):- DevOps positions are consistently ranked among the highest paying salaries in the IT industry. DevOps is here to stay. And with that, the need to obtain a DevOps certification is no longer trendy, it’s quickly becoming a non-negotiable. Having DevOps certification makes you ready to work in a team of cross-functional members, including QA, developers, operation engineers, and business analysts.

DevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP):- Security in IT’s is a significant issue in today’s digital era, and Cyber attacks are on the rise and the Cyber threats won’t go away overnight. With this harsh reality, it’s inconceivable that any organization today would neglect the security aspect of the DevOps methodology. With this in mind, all businesses are driven digitally and IT management have moved to prioritize security and compliance at all levels. As more organizations see the benefit of end-to-end security implementation, DevOps will either fade away or get absorbed into DevSecOps.

SRE Certified Professional (SRECP):- SRE certification proves that the professional have understanding of set principles and practices designed to help organizations reliably and economically scale services. A certified professional can make an organization’s infrastructures far more stable, predictable, and scalable – all essential elements of software engineering, development, and operations.

Docker & Kubernetes Certification:- The container management tool Docker and Kubernetes are used in DevOps process to manage software parts as isolated, self-sufficient containers that can be deployed and run in any environment. In today’s market, professionals with Docker and Kubernetes skills are highly sought.

Master in Microservices:- Designing your product or application architecture can be tough as much a business decision as a technological one. Microservices is a particular way of developing software, where applications are structured as a collection of autonomous services OR we can say its a way where a large complex application are broken down into individual small-apps that are responsible for one specific product function. This skill allows large companies to gain agility and new tech capabilities to meet the growing customer demands.

Master in Big Data:- Big data professionals helps organizations to work with their data efficiently and use that data to identify new opportunities. Different techniques and algorithms can be applied to predict from data. Multiple business strategies can be applied for future opportunities and success of the organization and that leads to smarter business strategies, more efficient operations, and higher profits. With huge opportunities and investment in the Big Data technologies, certified professionals carrying the skills of big data are in huge demand.

Master in Artificial Intelligence:- This is one of the best certifications you can own if you want to lead the AI-driven technological revolution. It is not just about replacing the human component of the industry. It’s also about making it easier to make decisions based on observable patterns, use logic and reasoning to form conclusions, and build pathways to boost efficiency and production. It is not an easy discipline, but this is the reason why salaries in the AI industry are much higher than average.

Master in Machine Learning:- Machine Learning is one of the fast-emerging technology with high demand in the industry. Whether it be medicine, cybersecurity, automobiles, etc. all these fields are exploring the capabilities of machine learning. It’s obvious that learning more about Machine Learning and becoming a Certified Machine Learning Professional is a great idea and may even be a very wise career move! Naturally, you will be a hot asset for potential employers if you possess domain knowledge and skills in this field.

Master in Data Science OR Analytics:- Data Science is the latest tech trend that has taken the industry by storm. Companies and organizations, irrespective of their trade, are adopting Data Science tools, technologies, and solutions to promote innovation, increase productivity, boost sales, and maximize customer satisfaction. Once you receive the certification, you can apply for promising roles like Data Science, Data Analyst, and many more DATA-driven roles.


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These certifications program will require a few months of hard work and an investment of time and money but once you’ll successfully complete the course you will be ready to achieve your goals no matter what they are.

Wrapping Up

Hope you would found our list of In-Demand IT Certifications For A Great Career in USA useful. Whether you’re a new working professional or an experienced professional, you won’t have trouble following these courses. At All of these certification courses are delivered by best-in-class trainers and mentors who will guide you every step of the way. Before selecting any certifications program, one only needs to be clear about their goal, know which path to take, and preserve in order to make the best of that opportunity.

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