The New Solution To COVID-19: Artificial Intelligence

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In this worldwide health crisis, the medical industry is looking for new technologies to monitor and controls the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. AI is one of such technology which can easily track the spread of this virus, identifies the high-risk patients, and is useful in controlling this infection in real-time. It can also predict mortality risk by adequately analysing the previous data of the patients. It aims to review the role of AI as a decisive technology to analyse and prepare us for prevention and fight against Covid-19 and other pandemics.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. Artificial Intelligence technologies are quickly evolving, primarily because AI processes large amounts of data much faster and makes predictions more accurately than humanly possible. As the pandemic has rolled around the planet, countries are coming up with applications of Artificial Intelligence in order to come up which new and innovative ideas to battle against it. AI offers a number of advantages over traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques. Learning algorithms can become more precise and accurate as they interact with training data, allowing humans to gain unprecedented insights into diagnostics, care processes, treatment variability, and patient outcomes.  

Healthcare organisations are in an urgent need for decision-making technologies to handle this virus and help them in getting proper suggestions in real-time to avoid its spread. AI works in a proficient way to mimic like human intelligence. It may also play a vital role in understanding and suggesting the development of a vaccine for Covid-19. This result-driven technology is used for proper screening, analysing, prediction and tracking of current patients and likely future patients. The significant applications are applied to tracks data of confirmed, recovered and death cases.

Hospitals, public health agencies, and commercial health companies are seeking accessible ways to screen patients such as online symptom checkers, which could allow them to screen themselves for signs of COVID-19.

An application can provide with early detection and diagnosis of the infection. It will help to provide faster decision making which is cost effective. AI is helpful in the diagnosis of the infected cases with the help of medical imaging technologies like Computed tomography (CT), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of human body parts.

A platform can be built for automatic monitoring and prediction of the spread of the virus. An assistance will be provided for the analyses on the level of infections by the virus and also helps in identifying hot spots. This technology can track and forecast the nature of the virus from the available data, social media and media platforms, about the risks of the infection and it’s likely spread. Further, it can predict the number of positive cases and death in any region. AI can help identify the most vulnerable regions, people and countries and take measures accordingly. AI is used for drug research by analysing the available data on Covid-19. It can help to identify useful drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. It has become a powerful tool for diagnostic test designs and vaccination development. AI helps in developing vaccines and treatments at much of faster rate than usual and is also helpful for clinical trials during the development of the vaccine.

With the help of real-time data analysis, AI can provide updated information which is helpful in the prevention of this disease. It can be used to predict the probable sites of infection, the influx of the virus, need for beds and healthcare professionals during this crisis. AI is helpful for the future virus and diseases prevention, with the help of previous mentored data over data prevalent at different time. It identifies traits, causes and reasons for the spread of infection. In future, this will become an important technology to fight against the other epidemics and pandemics. It can provide a preventive measure and fight against many other diseases. In future, AI will play a vital role in providing more predictive and preventive healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence is an upcoming and useful tool to identify early infections due to coronavirus and also helps in monitoring the condition of the infected patients. It can significantly improve treatment consistency and decision making by developing useful algorithms. AI is not only helpful in the treatment of Covid-19 infected patients but also for their proper health monitoring. It can track the crisis of Covid-19 at different scales such as medical, molecular and epidemiological applications.

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