Tickeron Announces Unprecedented AI Feature Precalculating Trading Success Odds

12Feb - by aiuniverse - 0 - In Human Intelligence

Source: aithority.com

Tickeron, an artificial and human intelligence platform delivering unparalleled trading insights and analysis, announces its AI-driven feature generating instant historic and predictive analysis by precalculating the odds of success for self-directed investors and investment advisors.

Tickeron is a subscription-based market intelligence platform giving access to the latest trading news and AI-generated predictions. This technology equips users with exclusive data and analysis to assist with trading decisions and portfolio allocation. To enhance the user experience, the odds of success feature gives investors instant predictions based in part on a security’s historical success rate.

Tickeron backtests as many as hundreds of scenarios using artificial intelligence to predict the odds of success when investing in specific stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and other securities. These observations educate investors on similar pricing moves that have occurred or if there is historical evidence suggesting securities will move predictably within a certain market environment.

“For years, hedge funds have always had a leg-up with access to this advanced technology, allowing them to find and backtest trade ideas in seconds. But the world is changing, and technology is becoming more readily available to more people. The AI tools that hedge funds were traditionally using to get ahead are now available on the internet. Our latest feature gives every day, self-directed investors a fighting chance to close the performance gap,” stated Sergey Savastiouk, CEO and Founder of Tickeron.

Tickeron provides users with detailed charts displaying price moves and whether they indicate changes in a trend that could be a buy or sell signal for investors. The A.I.dvisor analyzes every previous case of a security to determine its success rate, not only in the one stock a user is researching, but in similar stocks as well.

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