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Statistics and machine learning have been increasingly popular in recent years. Nowadays, machine learning can assist us in making better judgments, and big data governs every aspect of our life. It has an impact on how we operate, shop, and do businesses. Looking for some Artificial Intelligence Documentaries to watch? Well, here is a list of some documentaries that you must watch.

Let us explore the finest artificial intelligence documentaries that will help you understand more about how AI plays a vital part in our lives and are well worth watching.

Top 6 Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma, which published in 2020, discusses the rise of social media and how it impacts society’s thinking as a whole. It is a documentary film made by Jeff Orlowski that discusses many facets of social media and how it may affect people’s thoughts if not handled appropriately. The artificial intelligence video also sheds attention on teenage mental health concerns. It demonstrates how artificial intelligence algorithms could operate in the context of social networking. The social problem also includes interviews with former Facebook, Google, and Apple employees.


iHuman is a documentary on machine learning, political order, and power that demonstrates how AI has transformed human lives. It also discusses how AI influences society and our destiny. The documentary features interviews with AI researchers Ilya Sutskeve and Jürgen Schmidhuber, as well as discussions about how AI may be created and applied. Some personalities symbolise AI and demonstrate its significance in today’s society. iHuman premiered at the 2019 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Hi, A.I

Hi, A.I is a film about how people connect with artificial intelligence robots. In 2019, Isa Willinger directed the film, which was funded by Stefan Kloos. It highlights human interactions while also discussing AI progress, degrees of AI, and other AI and robotics research.

Lo and Behold

Wener Herzog produced the documentary movie Lo and Behold, reveries of the linked world, which was released in 2016. It covers robots, artificial intelligence, the web, the internet of things, and other topics. Interviews with luminaries in the fields of artificial intelligence and innovation, such as Elon Musk, Sebastian Thrun, Bob Kahn, and others, are included in the film.


The trip from Cambridge to Seoul is shown by AlphaGo. Go, a Chinese game, has been viewed as a test for AI, and in March of 2016, the worlds of Go and AI clashed in South Korea, where hundreds of thousands of people viewed a game tournament. For the very first time in human history, a famous Go master faces off against an AI adversary in AlphaGo. The film explores what artificial intelligence can teach us about mankind and what it can disclose about the 3000 years old game.


TechnoCalyps is a 2006 documentary directed and written by Frank Theys on the advancement of technology. It’s a 3-part documentary that covers automation, artificial intelligence, cybernetic implants, nanotechnology, and other topics. Interviews with renowned specialists in the area are also included in the film.

Some More AI Documentaries (Worth Watching)

If you have watched all the documentaries given above, try these out. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Humans Need no Apply

The worry that robots will take our jobs is genuine. Around 45% of all occupations are on the verge of being mechanised and taken over by robots.

One of the must-see documentaries is Humans Need Not Apply. It demonstrates how robots are changing industrial manufacturing and displacing low-wage workers. Even today’s innovative manufacturers, according to the documentary, are not safe. Watch this film to learn about a future in which human work is no longer necessary.

Deluged by Data

How does big data affect our daily lives? What you study, pay attention to, watch, or share on social media is heavily influenced by how you utilize electronic devices and access the Internet. But did you realise that the government and a variety of businesses, including insurance firms, are keeping an eye on this information?

Gadget addiction, cyborg-like people, and data collection are all themes in Deluged by Data. To learn more, watch the documentary.

The Age of Big Data

It is regarded as one of the most important films on the data revolution. One thing has brought the entire globe together: an unprecedented data boom. Is it possible for police personnel to foresee crime before it occurs? To find out the solution, watch this film. You’ll also understand data’s influence on health care, astronomy, journalism, finance, and other fields.

The Joy of Statistics

This fascinating film will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of statistics. This is a must-see, especially for all those who find numbers to be tedious. You’ll be riveted to your computer the entire time, waiting to see what Professor Hans Rosling would say or do next. The documentary looks at some current examples of stats in action.

Future Intelligence

If you want to understand more about machine learning, Future Intelligence has been one of the finest films to watch. This film illustrates the power of information and analytics. In the not-too-distant future, researchers will be able to create artificial intelligence machines capable of competing with the human mind.

The Smartest Machine on Earth

Have you heard of Watson, the 1984 computer contestant on the competition show Jeopardy? It had a library of 10 million records and a cognitive ability of 2,400 personal computers. Watson is the subject of this machine learning documentary, which covers the entire narrative.


Artificial Intelligence has altered our lives in many more aspects than we can comprehend. AI is being used in a variety of industries, including healthcare and gaming. Documentaries about AI are an excellent method to learn more about the technologies and acquire a deeper grasp of it.

Pick a documentary from the list above and dive into the depths of AI.

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