Top 6 YouTube Channel for Software Engineers for FREE Videos Tutorials

  1. DevOpsSchool ( DevOpsSchool is a popular YouTube channel all about DevOps. They have lots of easy-to-follow videos and helpful information for both beginners and experts in DevOps. It’s run by the people at, who are experts in DevOps training. They make videos on different DevOps topics like CI/CD, containers, and cloud computing. These videos are well-made and teach you a lot about DevOps. It’s a great place to learn!
  2. scmGalaxy ( scmGalaxy’s YouTube channel is where you can find lots of helpful videos about Software Configuration Management (SCM), Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), and DevOps. They focus on showing you how to do things in a practical way and share the best methods. scmGalaxy wants to help you learn how to make software better and faster. It’s run by SCM Galaxy, a company that helps with SCM. On their channel, you can watch many videos about SCM topics like Git, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server. These videos are easy to understand and will teach you a lot about SCM. It’s a great place to learn if you’re interested in SCM.
  3. AiOps & MLOps School ( you’re interested in AI and Machine Learning for business operations, AiOps & MLOps School is the perfect place for you. They have lots of helpful information about how to use AI and ML in operations, like automating tasks and keeping an eye on performance to make organizations work better with these new technologies. The folks at The AiOps School, who are experts in AI and ML for IT operations, run this channel. They have many videos about AIOps and MLOps, including topics like data science, machine learning, and cloud computing. The videos are easy to understand and can help anyone who wants to learn more about AIOps and MLOps.
  4. Debug School ( The Debug School YouTube channel is a fantastic place to learn about fixing computer problems. It has lots of helpful videos for people who work with computers, like programmers or IT folks. These videos can teach you how to find and fix software issues better. Debug School, the company that makes these videos, is known for teaching about debugging. They have lots of different videos on how to do debugging, what tools to use, and the best ways to do it. The videos are easy to understand and can help anyone who wants to learn about debugging.
  5. SRE School ( Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a super important field in IT, and SRE School’s YouTube channel is like your school for learning about SRE stuff. They teach you everything from the basics to real-world stuff so that companies can keep their services working well. SRE School runs this channel, and they teach SRE through cool videos on topics like watching systems, making things automatic, and handling problems. These videos are well-made and smart, so if you want to learn about SRE, this is the place to go.
  6. DevSecOps School ( Security is really important in modern software development, and DevSecOps School is all about making security a natural part of DevOps. They have a YouTube channel that teaches you how to build software safely, handle vulnerabilities, and follow the rules, so you can make strong, reliable software. The people at DevSecOps School are experts in training for DevSecOps, which is a way to make software that’s both safe and fast. On their channel, you’ll find lots of videos about DevSecOps topics like testing for security, understanding threats, and following rules. These videos are well-made and full of helpful information, making them a great place to start if you want to learn about DevSecOps.

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