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These AI and Big Data tokens hold the power to change the world. 

Cryptocurrency coins are making headlines, but let us talk about the understated crypto coins that are making big strides in the tech world, AI and Big Data tokens. These tokens provide various resources to developers and data scientists and leverage their skills for the benefit of the communities.

AI and Big Data power the world we live in and these tech tokens represent the future and the merge of AI and blockchain technology. If you want to invest in the future that promises great growth, here are the 10 best AI and Big Data tokens, ranked according to their market caps (at the time of writing). 


1. The Graph

Market Cap: US$1.75 billion

The Graph has a decentralized protocol with the purpose of index and query data from blockchain networks like Ethereum. The Graph powers DeFi apps and uses subgraphs to construct and publish open APIs and made data accessible more easily. Basically, the graph makes querying of data possible that would otherwise be tiresome and tedious to query directly. This usage has been growing rapidly and without the support from other VCs like Coinbase and CoinFund, Graph continues to grow. 

2. Ocean Protocol 

Market Cap: US$248.47 million 

The Ocean Protocol is a marketplace for data that uses automated makers to fix the price. This token is used to buy and sell data, stake on data, and can also be used for community governance. Ocean Protocol supports Ethereum-powered smart contracts which makes publishing data services and spending data tokens possible. 

3. iExec RLC

Market Cap: US$211.06 million 

iExec is a decentralized marketplace for cloud resources where blockchain technology creates a market network that allows people to monetize computing power, datasets, and apps, and manage them. iExec is a network that gives allows applications access to off-chain computation and trusted data. With this token, app providers can monetize algorithms, and data providers can generate data sets. 

4. SingularityNET 

Market Cap: US$171.51 million 

This token allows users to create, share, and monetize AI services. SingularityNET creates a marketplace where users can browse, test, and purchase a variety of AI services using the token. AI developers can also use this platform to publish and sell their AI tools and track their performance without any hassle. 


Market Cap: US$167.87 million has a unique vision, to connect all IoT devices and algorithms to enable collective learning. Fetch enables the creation of smart contracts to deploy machine learning and AI solutions for problem-solving in a decentralized manner. These tools are open-source and designed to enable users to build an ecosystem infrastructure and leverage commercial models. Fetch tokens can be traded on popular exchanges like Binance, and KuCoin. 

6. Numeraire 

Market Cap: US$153.53 million 

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, Numerai is a platform that enables developers and data scientists to conduct experiments and develop machine learning models to decentralize the field of data science. Data scientists can also compete to create machine learning prediction models which ace efficiency and effectivity. Numerai is also the first hedge fund of its kind to launch a cryptocurrency. 

7. Phala Network

Market Cap: US$142.28 million 

Phala Network is a private cloud computing service that offers computing power that is equal to all the existing cloud services. This network protects the privacy of manages programs and can deploy confidential smart contracts that are based on TEE-Blockchain Hybrid Architecture. Unlike other AI and Big Data tokens, Phala Network runs as a para chain of the Polkadot ecosystem. 

8. Streamr

Market Cap: US$94.36 million 

Streamr network, that powers the Streamr token, is a decentralized platform for real-time data that transports messages from data publishers to subscribers. It’s peer-to-peer and includes a marketplace where users can trade and sell real-time data and real-time toolkits for that data. 

9. Aion 

Market Cap: US$63.95 million 

Aion is a security token that can access The Open Application Network (OAN). Launched in 2018, Aion is an open network to give everyone access to create Open Apps. OAN facilitates users to execute smart contracts, store data, share it between different networks by making the Aion token an integral part of its core network.

10. DxChain Token 

Market Cap: US$53.96 million 

As per the official website, DxChain is a blockchain network that is designed to enable big data processing and machine learning. With its beta version launched in 2018, DxChain’s main goal is to let its users safely exchange big data sets and benefit from improved analytics based on that data. This token’s generation is based on the value and quality of data users that use this platform.

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