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These collaborative robots can safely work alongside humans.

Artificial intelligence and robotics have become so familiar to us that we have some of these elements in our daily lives. For example, the voice assistants and connected devices at our homes have all a tinge of these disruptive technologies. It would have been impossible to get here without them. In such a scenario, another technological innovation taking the stage is cobots, which are collaborative robots. According to reports, the global collaborative robots market size is expected to reach US$11,684.7 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 42%.

Cobots are robots that can work efficiently and safely alongside humans. They have in-built sensors and can easily learn from demonstrations. It can be deployed across different industries to perform various tasks. Here is a list of the top 7 cobots available in the market in 2021.


The German Trade Association has certified APAS as an inherently safe collaborative robot. Automatic production Assistant or APAS is capable of efficient human-robot collaboration. They are simple to use and quick to deploy. Covered with sensitive skin, APAC cobots can sense an impact and stop immediately by ensuring safety. APAS was introduced to the market in 2014 and still serves a lot of industries with more efficiency.

2. YuMi

This cobot by ABB and efficiently works along with humans without any barriers. This is a dual-arm robot and is able to work on the same task as humans and can accurately handle things ranging from a needle to a computer. YuMi consists of cameras, a two-finger parallel gripper, and a suction cup to enhance the functionality. It is very easy to program.

3. Franka Emika Panda

Franca Emika Panda is a collaborative robot system that includes a robotic arm and its control. This cobot comes with a payload of 3kg and consists of a wrist camera, 7DOF with torque sensors, a two-finger gripper, and an intuitive PC interface. The torque sensors in the arm enable stiffness and compliance. Its robotic arm has a human touch sense, is easy to program and set up, and has a direct user interface called Pilot.

4. Aubo i5

This is a cobot with a 5kg payload and is efficient for pick and place applications. Aubo i5 is also capable of machine tending, screwing, marking, and other applications. It has an advanced design and can be programmed using ROS. They are easy to move with a smaller footprint and have a great competitive edge, and also reduce production costs. It can be deployed in the manufacturing sector, wherein it can unburden humans from doing harmful and repetitive tasks.

5. Aura

A product from Comau an industrial manufacturer, Aura is a collaborative robot with an advanced use robotic arm with six safety levels and a modular approach. It can be used in a variety of tasks in collaborative mode and can also be switched to a non-collaborative mode with high speed. It has powerful proximity sensors, high 170 kg payload, a powerful collision avoidance system, and enables users to mount the robot upside-down. Aura has a fully collaborative hollow wrist and collision avoidance system that can be used on the cobot and the tools.


It is a cobot produced by Kawada industries. This humanoid robot can move easily and has a standard specification that includes an image recognition system. It has two robotic arms with six axes and can perform highly complex tasks. It comes with a 2D wrist camera and the motors are constricted to 80W to make it safer.


This collaborative robot is developed by Life Robotics and was introduced in 2016. The main feature of CORO is its telescopic arm and it allows the user to remove one joint while retaining the versatility in cases where they have to reach different areas. Its main applications include pick and place, cosmetics, logistics, and the food industry. It has a payload of 2kg. It can be programmed through demonstration and is sold in the Asian market.

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