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Artificial intelligence and machine learning can make this a reality.

Artificial Intelligence is omnipresent. In this data-driven world, we are leaving digital footprints with so much of our data that can be used to do a million things. With the amount of data in our phones, laptops, and tablets, anyone who has access to it can make a picture of who we are. Even through our inbox and browser history. If you use any of the Google services like Google maps, people who have access to it can see all the places you have travelled, near or far. And you know what, artificial intelligence can bring that data to life in the form of a digital twin.

You Can Become An AI Clone

Creating a digital twin is a possibility. This might stir up mixed emotions in you, but it can become a reality.  Recently, Hour One, an AI company, collaborated with YouTubers Taryn Southern to make a fully digital creation (AI Clone) as a part of her experiment. Taryn’s AI clone can converse in multiple languages, create original content, and communicate its thoughts with people across the globe. All Taryn has to do is write and upload the script. Within a few minutes, the AI technology creates a video of her AI clone speaking from the script with a variety of backgrounds and soundtrack.

This technology is different from Deepfake videos. Hour One is capable of creating new content that looks as if a real person is speaking it. AI Taryn also joked that she can now make new YouTube videos without the actual Taryn moving an inch.

Is This Good Or Spooky?

There are several ongoing debates about AI having the potential to “cross the line.” In the 2013 movie ‘Her’, the world was shown a glimpse into the future where relationships between humans and AI bots bloomed. In 2013, it was futuristic, but now, it’s almost a reality.

Replika, another AI company, allows users to create an AI buddy that understands the user’s thoughts and feelings. It is created with an aim to improve emotional well-being and improve coping skills. The bot also encourages people who find it hard to open up to talk about their innermost feelings without judgement. With access to so much personal data, people speculate that Replika has the potential to create problems.

Your Digital Footprint Lasts Forever!

By now you understand that your digital footprint will turn into the virtual version of yourself. But did you ever wonder, what will happen to all that data when you pass away? You can either nominate someone to close all your accounts or let it continue to be a part of the digital world. If you want someone to redact all your data, all the data generated from every single click, voice, video, and verbal interaction should be erased which is easier said than done.

Microsoft is working on a patent to explore how the company can combine personal digital content like images, videos, messages, etc. and machine learning to train a chatbot to mimic how that person would sound as a person. Now the question is, can having a digital twin result in greater productivity?

Right now, there’s a thin line between our digital and physical worlds. Virtual data or footprint that we are leaving behind is providing us with digital immorality and our virtual twins are waiting to soar its wings. Our data lives a life of its own, and now what we have to think about is whether we want it to or not.

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